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4 ways to be camera-ready before your spring formal

With the spring dance just around the corner, it's time to start practicing your pose. You know what we mean-there'll be tons of photo ops--from getting ready with your gals to Mom and Dad wanting to snap shots of you and your date to all the Instagram-worthy happenings once you actually get there. You'd better be prepared! Check out these tips on how to look and feel your best while taking pictures pre-, post- and during the main event.

1.    Strike a pose
You've tried on everything and finally found the perfect dress. Now that you know you look amazing, it should be easy to find a photo pose that suits your style. Try on your gown and play around in front of the mirror with your hands on your hips or your legs crossed or your hips angled, etc. Posture here is key. You should look and feel confident in your go-to pose.

2.    Hair apparent
Plan for what you'll be most comfy in. If you never wear makeup and only ever rock a pony, try a low bun and minimal eyes and lips. Love a side part? Incorporate it into your updo and play up your peepers. Make sure you practice the style you choose a few times before the big day, and test out your best and most natural smile, too.

3.    Flash dance
In order to look just as great on camera as you do in person, you gotta wear the right kind of makeup. Start off with a photo-ready primer so your face will last all night-and won't give off a weird glare when the flash fires. Planning on wearing foundation? Make sure to pick a color that completely matches your skin tone. Apply powder to the forehead, nose and chin to absorb any oils that may make your face appear shiny on camera.

4.    Dance dance revolution
Feeling a little nervous about letting go on the dance floor? All ya gotta do is practice. Jam out to your favorite tunes in front of the mirror until you feel confident enough to let loose with all of your buds. In those inevitable dance floor photos, you'll wanna look like you're having the time of your life, not worrying about whether or not you look cool doing the Harlem Shake. Have a blast!

BY ALLIE MORRIS ON 3/17/2013 12:00:00 AM

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