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Spring dance beauty: 5 makeup brushes every girl needs

Going the DIY route for the spring dance? You’ll wanna make sure you’ve got the right tools. Shopping for makeup brushes can be daunting: They veer towards pricey and it’s difficult to know exactly which ones you need. But, know that proper tools can mean the difference between looking gorge and looking overdone. We’ve found five great brushes that’ll help you nail just about any makeup look!
  • 1MBpowder.jpg

    #1: Powder brush

    The most crucial and important brush you’ll own will be the powder brush. This brush can be used to apply both bronzer and blush; just make sure to wipe it clean in between application. It should be soft, fluffy and rounded at the top. This shape and size help the makeup blend more seamlessly.

    Brush tip: Before applying any kind of powder, tap the brush gently on the side of the container to remove excess and to give a more even finish.


    Bamboo Powder Brush , $8, ecotools.com

  • 2MBconcealor.jpg
    #2: Foundation and concealer brush
    Applying liquid foundation and concealer with a brush gives a much more flawless look. Using a brush allows the liquid makeup to blend more easily into the skin, giving a more even tone. These brushes often are thinner and have longer bristles than a blush brush, as well as a defined round point.

    Brush tip: Apply a light coat at first. You can always go back and add more later!
    Bamboo Foundation Brush, $6, ecotools.com
  • 3MBeyeliner.jpg

    #3: Eyeliner brush

    For any kind of gel or cream liner, an angled eyeliner brush is key. This method gives a very crisp and clean look. It also allows you to try more bold techniques such as cat eye, or the ‘60s style double lid. An eyeliner brush should be small with short bristles cut at an angle.
    Brush tip: Wet the brush and dip it into your fave shadow to create a smudgy line for a rocker-chic look.
    Sephora Collection Classic Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush, $14, sephora.com
  • 4MBeyeshadow.jpg

    #4: Eyeshadow brush

    With any eyeshadow, blending is extremely important. The proper brush can allow you to achieve tons of different looks. A good shadow brush should almost resemble a fluffier, smaller version of a foundation brush, with a slightly rounded head.

    Brush tip: It’s a good idea to have at least two of these; one to apply the shadow and one to blend the shades together on the lid—especially when creating a smoky eye.


    bareMinerals Tapered Shadow Brush, $14, sephora.com
  • 5MBeyebrow.jpg

    #5: Eyebrow brush

    This tool may seem like the most trivial of them all, but it really is an important component to a cosmetic kit. An eyebrow brush allows you to keep those brows in line in between waxing or plucking. It is the finishing touch to any makeup routine. Most brushes have a comb side and a bristle side.

    Brush tip: The comb side can also be super helpful in removing mascara clumps from your lashes.


    Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Eyebrow Comb/Brush, $3, target.com
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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