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5 reasons to add Darla Beaux to your iPod

Step aside, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, there’s a new teen queen in town, and she’s ready to share her star power with the world. Fourteen-year-old Darla Beaux is a force to be reckoned with, and you’ll know exactly what we mean when her brand new EP, Rebel Soul, comes out March 19. We were lucky enough to score an early listen to the 5-track album, so read on for a look at your next music obsession…


“Summer Dream”

This sweet song is infused with a laid-back ukulele beat, and we can’t get enough if it. Summer might not be here just yet, but it’s also perfect for spring break. Darla croons, “I bend over backwards just for you, when you gonna get a clue?” The splashy melody about falling for a guy and hoping he’s falling for ya, too— totally anthem-worthy.


Check out what we’re talking about in Darla’s “Summer Dream” lyric vid below…



“Rebel Soul”

This title track has Darla’s classic, retro feel and sorta reminds us of old Hollywood. It’s as if Amy Winehouse is singing, with lines like, “Rebel soul, fresh and bold, come on and save me.” Hey, sometimes even good girls can’t help but fall for a bad boy.


“Sorry Not Sorry”

Miss Beaux shows her spunky side in this song by sassily telling us, “You want me to be sorry, but I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.” Yeah, it’s feisty, but we love the sense of girl power she’s got! It’s all about a girl giving everything to this dude and when he didn’t appreciate it, she left…and wasn’t sorry about it.


“Fallen For You”

This track opens with a slow jazzy beat, almost reminding us of Adele. Darla’s vocals soar over a piano, and there’s even a choral group to give some background vocals. We’re obsessed with the line, “Every time we kiss it feels like new.” Totally adorable.


“Do Right”

This track has a bit of a message for society, which we love. Darla asks, “They only care about the clothes we wear…don’t you wanna dig down deeper?” She warns listeners about how materialism can ruin people’s will to just be their natural selves, bringing back an awesome beat in the chorus and telling us “If it feels right, do right.” Amen!


Like what you hear? Be sure to snag a copy of Rebel Soul when it releases next Tuesday, March 19. Then come back and share your favorite track.


Which Darla Beaux tune do you think you’ll be most obsessed with?  Blog about it, babes.

BY KATIE LEMON ON 3/13/2013 12:00:00 AM

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