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7 spring dates on the cheap

Ah, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the weather is oh-so inviting Yup, spring is officially here! It’s time to break your cabin fever movie-night mode and take to the great outdoors with your guy. Don't wanna drain your wallet? No problem! These cheap, flirty spring date ideas will help you two have fun without blowing serious cash.


Old-School Picnic

Looking for some homemade fun? Take advantage of the warm, breezy spring weather with a simple picnic. Bringing your meal outside creates a cute, casual atmosphere for the perfect first date.


Park It!

Hang with your guy while getting active. Guys love to be on the move, so use the nice weather as an excuse to head to the park for a relaxing, feel-good stroll. If the conversation gets too dull, challenge your crush to a game of catch. He’ll be impressed by your cool, spontaneous attitude.


Festively Flirty

Sometimes, to have a good time without spending a fortune, you’ve gotta do some research. Check out local newspapers and websites for free festivals in your area. Try to find something you and your BF can enjoy together, like a concert or art show. It’ll be an action-packed day that will have you two reminiscing!


A Sweet Idea

For a healthy, refreshing date, try taking your crush berry-picking. Cherries, strawberries, and blueberries are all in season, and this outing is the perfect way to spruce up an average hangout.


Good Deeds, Good Date

Lend a helping hand at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen. Volunteering together will bring out your beau’s sensitive side while helping out the community.


Picture Perfect

Say cheese! Snapping shots with your BF is a great way to get creative while making lasting memories. Use those gorgeous spring flowers as a backdrop for awesome pics you can hold onto forever. Take turns playing photographer, and print the pics for just pennies a piece!


Ready, Set, Bike!

Dust off the old two-wheelers and hit up the nearest bike trail for some active, flirty fun. Challenge your crush to a race, or skip the competition for a leisurely ride with your great guy. Either way, you’ll be showing off your sporty side and showing him that you know how to have a good time.


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