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Spring shoe trends: 5 ways to kick it in style...and win a Daddy's Money shoe spree!

This spring, classic kicks get glammed up with edgy embellishments, neon accents and pops of unexpected prints. Here are the season's five hottest footwear trends as seen in this fab collection from Daddy's Money, plus easy ways to rock 'em with any outfit. Click through for 20 sport-the-trend styling secrets...and your chance to win a stash of sweet shoes! 
Win: Make a dash for Daddy's Money! 
One kickin' chick will win 5 pairs of Daddy's Money shoes (valued at $350), another lucky girl will grab 2 pairs and three sweeties will score a pair each. CLICK HERE to enter as often as you want by April 30, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.
Contest Update
This contest has ended...congratulations to our winners! You'll receive an email with details for claiming your prize.
Winner 1: 5 pairs
Stephanie B. ~ Hanford, CA  

Winner 2: 2 pairs
Cortney H. ~ West Salem, OH

Winner 3: 1 pair
Sarah M. ~ Brooklyn, NY

Winner 4: 1 pair
Casey S. ~ Whitehall, PA

Winner 5: 1 pair
Elaine F. ~ Champaign, IL

  • 1FINAL_AmericanPride_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #1: Stars and stripes

    Faded denim gives off a dusty, retro vibe. Perf for any true-blue hunnie.
    Gimme Starry Skies, $70,
  • New2.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #1: Stars and stripes

    Let your free spirit ring loud with a burst of bold denim, stars and stripes.
    Gimme Starry Skies, $70,
  • 3FINAL_StarStudded_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #1: Stars and stripes

    Hitting the movies on a rainy day? We love black denim on black denim—just pair these starry numbers with black skinnies for cinema-worthy style.

    Gimme My-Oh-My, $70,
  • 4FINAL_StarStudded_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #1: Stars and stripes

    For a stellar ensemble perf for stargazing with your BF, go for bright laces that light up the night. Playing footsie just got way more fun.
    Gimme My-Oh-My, $70,
  • 5FINAL_StarStudded_3_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend 1: Stars and stripes

    Black canvas high-tops are like the equivalent of a black leather jacket—they look effortlessly cool and go with everything. 
    Gimme Lone Star, $70,
  • 5FINAL_StarStudded_4_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend 1: Stars and stripes

    Match dark faded jean shorties with a chambray top—classic and cute, you’re set for exploring the great outdoors (and snapping lots of pics along the way).
    Gimme Lone Star, $70,
  • 6FINAL_AnimalPrint_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #2: Fierce prints

    Balance a wild print with simple skinnies, a neutral top and loads of cute arm candy.
    Gimme Wicked, $70,
  • 7FINAL_AnimalPrint_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #2: Fierce prints
    Neon laces add a pop of color to a black-and-white print. Follow suit with an on-trend hot pink lip, but otherwise keep your makeup minimal.
    Gimme Wicked, $70,
  • New9.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #2: Fierce prints
    Snakeskin and metallic? This shoe makes a major statement. Pair ‘em with a comfy skirt and band tee for a chic, rocker vibe.
    Gimme Mucho Dinero, $70,
  • 9FINAL_Glitzy_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #3: Edgy embellishments

    Dress up rhinestone high-tops for a dazzling night of dancing. Just add your LBD.
    Gimme Star Studded, $70,
  • 10FINAL_Glitzy_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #3: Edgy embellishments

    Seeing stars? You’ll shine in classic white canvas enhanced with rhinestones.
    Gimme Star Studded, $70,
  • 11FINAL_Prom_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #3: Edgy embellishments

    You can rock these babies to your spring formal—just pick a dress in a bold color to pair with the subtle shine of black sequins. The higher cut will streamline your legs, so play ‘em up with a shorter hemline.
    Gimme Fancy Schmancy, $70,
  • New13.png
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #3: Edgy embellishments

    One part pretty, one part punky, all parts stylish: These kicks are not for the faint of heart. We love the combo of hot pink lace with the colorful skull—cute and just a little bit daring.
    Gimme Skulls, $70,
  • 13FINAL_sign.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #3: Edgy embellishments

    Everything’s coming up rosy when you’re wearing studded high-tops with a feminine floral design. Pair ‘em with everything from denim to dresses.
    Gimme My-Oh-My, $70,
  • 14FINAL_PopArt_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #4: Pop-art prints

    When you’re rocking a work of art on your feet, keep the rest simple with acid-washed shorties and a white tee.
    Gimme Kisses, $70,
  • 15FINAL_PopArt_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #4: Pop art prints

    A Warhol-esque print paired with bold color is a key trend for spring. This shoe will have your fellow artista fashionistas green with envy.
    Gimme Kisses, $70,
  • 16FINAL_Sports_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #5: Sporty chic

    Checking out your fave team? Sport this purr-fect pair with pleather leggings and a light faux fur vest thrown over a tee. Fellow fans will wonder if there’s a celeb in the crowd.
    Moolah Purrrr, $70,
  • 17FINAL_Sports_2_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #5: Sporty chic

    Kick it old-school with a throwback style. Pair these with skinnies and your BF’s jersey for a look that’s fangirl fab.
    Moolah Tricksee, $70,
  • 18FINAL_sign_2.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #5: Sporty chic

    A bold yellow lightning bolt electrifies this classic sneak. Yeah, you even look quick when you’re just standing there.
    Gimme Cool Beans, $70,
  • 19FINAL_Prom_1_F.jpg
    Shoetastic Spring Trend #5: Sporty chic

    Go girly with a pop of bubblegum pink. For a playful look, keep it monochrome with different shades of fuchsia.
    Gimme Jabberwock, $70,
  • win.jpg
    Win: Make a dash for Daddy's Money! 
    One kickin' chick will win 5 pairs of Daddy's Money shoes (valued at $350), another lucky girl will grab 2 pairs and three sweeties will score a pair each. CLICK HERE to enter as many times as you want by April 30, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY GL ON 4/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

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