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6 novels you should give a second chance

So maybe you’re thinking, “that book’s for grown-ups” or “what a total snoozer!” But haven’t you ever heard of not judging a book by its cover? Trust us, these are some reads you should def reconsider. They may change what you thought you knew about your book taste, but they’ll be way worth the second look. 


  • 1AlCapone.jpg

    Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

    Think “historical” means “boring”? Then you haven’t read this award-winning story. When Moose Flanagan’s family moves to Alcatraz, a prison island housing the most infamous criminals, Moose immediately looks for ways to fit in. But as soon as he meets Piper, the prison warden’s daughter, he’s quickly lured into a scheme that brings him closer than ever to the most iconic criminal of all time.


    Grab the book here!
  • 2HuckFinn.jpg

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

    Your English teacher assigned Huck Finn as outside reading last year…but you just didn’t get around to it. Well, now’s the time! It may have been originally written in 1885, but it’s a totally timeless must-read. A great adventure story never goes out of style, and this one’s filled with that—plus friendship and love. As teen boy Huck and his unexpected friend journey down the Mississippi River, they discover themselves and the importance of acceptance.  


    Grab the book here!
  • 3LovelyBadOnes.jpg

    All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn

    We know horror doesn’t always sound so fun, but when a story has just the right amount of creepy to send a chill up your spine, it’s worth a little bit of fright. Check out this tale about a brother and sister who love to play pranks, but run into trouble when they awaken spirits at their grandmother’s haunted inn.


    Grab the book here!
  • 4GreenGables.jpg

    Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

    For a classical read, dust off your mom’s copy of Anne of Green Gables and give it a try. It’s more than just your average orphan story—its addicting plot and lovable characters made it a legend. Not convinced yet? Well, what if we told you it’s sold a whopping 50 million copies! Continue the tradition and get lost in the adventures of the fun-loving, imaginative Anne.


    Grab the book here!
  • 5TheHelp.jpg

    The Help by Kathryn Stockett

    Please, don’t let those 464 pages intimidate you. Go inside the lives of African American housemaids in the early ’60s, and the lives of those who mistreat them. This one may seem like a book you’ll never finish, but the irresistible combo of love, friends, fashion, history and heartbreak will make you never want to put The Help down.


    Grab the book here!
  • 6HarryPotter.jpg

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

    Yes, we know you’ve read this. But, hey, re-reading one of your old faves can renew your love for the story. Or, even better, you could discover something you didn’t catch the first time around. We suggest going back (all the way back) to those ancient times when Harry saw himself as just an average muggle.


    Grab the book here!
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which book are you thinking of giving a second chance? Share in the comments below.

BY JULIE HARANS ON 3/25/2013 10:00:00 AM


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