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5 ways to make your wardrobe more daring

OK, maybe you’re not much of a daredevil. Your one and only bad-girl moment was last month, when you ditched a study sesh for the mall. But if you’ve been craving thrills, why not experiment with fashion? Find your inner wild child and take on these risky trends—the right way!
  • 1DTshortsleggings.jpg

    Dare #1: Shorts with tights

    If you just can’t wait ‘til summer to dust off your cutest pair of cutoffs, then this trend is for you. Wearing tights under shorts is a chic Euro trend that lets you combine the best of your summer and winter wardrobes. Go classic with denim and black tights, or mix it up with jewel tones and patterns.


    Destroyed Medium Wash Denim Shorty Shorts, $20,

    Super Opaque Comfort Stretch Tights, $10,

    Acid Wine Denim Hotpants, $45,

    Patterned Microfiber Tights, $16,

    Black Crochet Short, $25,

    Rib Tights, $14,

  • 2DTrompers.jpg

    Dare #2: Rompers

    What boasts the flirty feel of a dress without constant risk of a wardrobe malfunction? Of course, we’re talking about the romper. And here’s some good news if you’ve been fearing the fad: The rumors are false! This look does not require a certain height or a certain body to look totally fab. Pick sweet, floral patterns for a feminine vibe. Then pair your piece with neutral boots, wedges or sandals for a one-step spring getup.


    Strapless Sweatheart Romper, $25,

    BC Footwear ‘At Large’ Sandal, $45,

    Daisy Print Playsuit, $68,

    Opera Bootie by Pink & Pepper, $54,

    Button Belted Floral Romper, $30,

    Soda Kose Off White Linen T-Strap Platform Wedge Sandals, $28,

  • 3TDgraphic.jpg

    Dare #3: Super-graphic tees

    Ready to take your pattern obsession to the next level? If you pick the right pieces, it’s easy to rock animal faces and artsy scenes on your shirts. Skip the scary skulls or offensive phrases and focus on fun, out-of-the-box designs. Cat tees like these are a few of our faves.

    ‘Rave Cat’ Tee, $32,

    Relaxed Cat Graphic Tank, $13,

    Cute Cat Tee, $32,
  • 4DTleggings.jpg

    Dare #4: Lively leggings

    Patterned pants are risky enough, so printed leggings can be even more intimidating. But don’t settle for solids! Stripes, zigzags and patchwork are good places to start. The goal is to spice up your go-to piece without overdoing it—that means stay far, far away from metallics, sequins and weird cutouts. By keeping the rest of your outfit simple and letting your legs be the stars, you’ll tackle that daring trend in style.

    Tapestry Patchwork Legging, $29,

    Wiggle Road Leggings, $19,

    Leggings in Monochrome Pleated, $31,

  • 5TDfringe.jpg

    Dare #5: Flirty fringe

    Don’t fight the fringe! Embrace this hippie-cowboy inspo with shirts, shoes and even jewelry. A single piece is all you need to boost the wow factor of your fave looks. The teeny tassels add movement and texture to any outfit. Go 3D with a style that makes you wanna shake it!

    Fringe Passion Top, $31,

    Metal Fringe Short-Strand Necklace, $2,

    Mini Skirt With Fringing, $47,

    Pink & Pepper Fringe, $60,

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY JULIE HARANS ON 4/9/2013 11:00:00 AM

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