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6 easy ways to wear flowers 24/7

We love the blossoms that come with spring—especially during dance season!—but corsages can be SO expensive. It’s just flowers and some ribbon, right, so why pay the pros when you can make your own? Let’s put it to the test, babes—and try this trio of tricks on the regular to freshen up last year’s warm-weather wardrobe.



Go classic

This is just the classic, ol’ corsage. At the fabric store, find two of your fave ribbons. Cut about a foot of each, then put them together and tie them both around your wrist as if its one ribbon. In the center of the bow, add a dot of super glue and allow to dry for about five seconds. Cut the stem off your fave flower and hold it on to the glue for 30 seconds. Another idea? Pick just one big bloom.


Faux fab

At the craft store, choose three colors of tissue paper and one color of pipe cleaners. Make sure that one of the colors of tissue paper matches your outfit so it doesn’t look out of place. Cut three 6-inch squares and three 4-inch squares of each of the tissue papers. Layer one color of a 4-inch square over another color of a 6-inch square and pierce a short pipe cleaner through the middle of both of them. Make a little knot on the end of the pipe cleaner that was pushed through the pieces of paper, then gently twist the papers as if you were twisting a candy wrapper closed. Repeat this with each of the three sets of squares. After that, twist all three of the bottoms of the pipe cleaners together and wrap it around one long one. Wrap it around your wrist, twist the ends of the long pipe cleaners around each other and viola!


All wrapped up

Pick three flowers with long, thin stems that are flexible. Use a new hair tie that you haven’t used in your hair before so it’ll fit tightly on your wrist. Knot the stems of each flower onto the hair tie (or use twisty-ties to secure), making sure to leave only a small space between the actual flower and the hair tie. Cut off the ends of the stems and there you have it!


PLUS three fresh ways to wear ‘em! Try…

#1 Gluing or tying fresh buds onto a brooch backing and pinning to your favorite blazer or tote

#2 Adorning a headband with baby blossoms for a quick flower crown

#3 Tucking a mini bouquet into your ponytail, or weaving buds through a braid

BY NICOLE ALTMARK ON 4/11/2013 10:36:00 AM

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