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6 signs your crush is eco-friendly

He's cute, he's talented, he's totally hilarious...but is he green? In honor of Earth Day, we've compiled 6 of our fave environmentally friendly acts, which we can't help but find attractive. If your cutie is conscientious about the planet, he gets major points from us. After all, whether he's using a compact fluorescent light bulb or holding your hand, we all know the little things add up.  
A refill Phil
You spot him every day carrying his trusty, refillable water bottle. You know this guy isn't going through tons of plastic to stay hydrated. Added bonus? He's always walkin' to the water fountain so there are plenty of opportunities to run into him and chat him up.
A bikin' Brandon
Whenever this guy gets the chance, he's on his bike. Maybe he just loves the feel of the wind in his hair, or mabs he's thinking about reducing the amount of fuel he uses. Or both! You spot him walking around town or always carpooling with friends. This guy is a transportation pro. Join him for a ride sometime!
A recycle Michael
You know that guy in your class who carries his finished yogurt container around with him all day until he finds a recycling bin? Adorable. We totes heart the boy who works hard to recycle, even when it's not convenient or it kinda makes him look like a goofball.
A shutdown Sam
Your crush's attention to conservation makes him one of the coolest kids at school. He turns off the lights whenever he's the last to leave a classroom and he's careful about making sure his electronics are off when he's not using them. Try racing him to the lights next time at the end of class, it'll surely spark a convo.
A two-side Clyde
He dutifully takes notes on both sides of each piece of paper he uses. More importantly, he passes you notes that have flirty messages scrawled on either side of the page, too. Whether he's focusing on schoolwork or socializing, he knows that the more writing on a page, the better.
An advocate Adam
Does your crush go above and beyond and actually encourage his buds to be earth-friendly too? If so, wow, that's awesome! It's challenging to be a leader and stand up for what you think is important. If he positively influences his friends, we're completely smitten. He's the perfect Earth Day crush.

BY KARIN ELWOOD ON 3/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

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