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We're crushin' on Before You Exit and you should, too

With over 100,000 Facebook fans and upwards of 150,000 YouTube subscribers, upcoming pop-rock trio Before You Exit is well on their way to fame. Brothers Toby, 15, Riley, 17, and Connor, 19 from Orlando, Fla., have had a very busy last few months. After a whirlwind tour with Action Item and Hello Highway, they’re currently on the road as the opening act for British cutie Olly Murs. And after that? Well they’re touring the country all summer with Cody Simpson. 


We caught up with these super-busy dudes backstage before their first show with Olly last week, where we got them to spill on everything from the “most attractive” band mate to the craziest of fans.

  • 1Youngest bro Toby juggles guitar, keyboard, and vocals!.jpg

    All in the Music

    Haven’t yet heard anything by BYE? Toby described their overall sound as, “Kind of pop-ish. It’s Hot Chelle Rae meets…”


    “…Jackson Five!” older bro Connor finished.


    The boys also dished on their musical inspirations. “We all really like Maroon 5. But an answer we don’t throw out as much is Rascal Flatts because they’re country,” Riley added.
    Photo: Youngest bro Toby juggles guitar, keyboard, and vocals!
  • JB and BYE?

    Ask the bros who they’d like to work with in the future and they all agree on another popular family band. “I think it’d be funny if we collaborated with the Jonas Brothers because we get compared to them all the time,” Connor told us. “We’re not really like them, but it’d be cool to do something and try it out.”
    Photo: Riley and Connor belt out their hit "I Like That."
  • 3Connor gets into the music.jpg

    I Like That…and that

    Fresh off the debut of their catchy I Like That EP (which released in February) the cuties were quick to dish which track is their current fave. “’End Of The World’ is my favorite to perform because it’s a pop song that you can just jump around to,” Toby told us. “But we also all like ‘Soldier.’”

    Photo: Connor gets into the music.
  • 4Toby strums away while providing backup vocals.jpg

    Class clown, anyone?

    Working with your sibs can be tough, but these guys sure know a lot about each other. When we asked if they could give each bro a yearbook superlative, Toby answered, “Riley would be most…entertaining.”


    “Connor would be most hard working,” Riley continued.


    “And Toby would be most attractive,” Connor shouted.


    Shaking his head and laughing, Toby snapped back with a simple, “That’s not me!” 
    Photo: Toby strums away while providing backup vocals.
  • 5Riley grasps a fan's hand mid-performance.jpg


    No doubt these cuties have already encountered some cray-cray fans. “Connor’s been tackled,” Riley told us.


    “We went to Brazil and girls would rip our shirts off,” Toby added.


    But if you want a (normal!) way to get the guys’ attention, it’s pretty simple: “[Bring] a poster with whatever question [you have],” Toby told us. “I especially like seeing light-up posters when I’m on stage.”
    Photo: Riley grasps a fan's hand mid-performance.
  • 6Connor jams on guitar while also belting out lyrics.jpg

    Totally Live

    Still need another reason to check out these super-talented, super-cute brothers on tour? Let the boys convince you themselves. “Our live shows are a lot different than what you’ll ever see in our videos because we run around a lot. It’s just really fun,” Riley told us. “We like to get everybody moving, and we like to have a good time.” Now how can you say no to that?
    Photo: Connor jams on guitar while also belting out lyrics.
  • 7Riley takes in the huge, cheering crowd.jpg
    Now that your BYE’s newest fan, check out the boys’ busy schedule HERE to catch them on tour!


    Already a BYE fan? Which is your fave song from the bros? Share in the comments below.
    Photo: Riley takes in the huge, cheering crowd.
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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