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Instant Pinspiration: DIY prezzies for Mother's Day

Not sure how to show your mom how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day? Here are three do-it-yourself crafts that will make your mama feel more loved than ever.

Paper tulips

Your mom will be so happy to receive flowers that will last forever!




Source: trendenser.se via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

Colored paper

Scotch tape




What you’ll do:

1.    Sketch flower petals onto construction paper, making sure the ends and tops of your petals are pointed.

2.    Cut out the petals and lightly curl them, taping them to the base of your toothpick.

3.    Gift your beautiful hand made bouquet to your mom!


High five for Mom

Round up the sibs and make hand-painted vases for Mom. Add some freshly-picked flowers to make it extra special, just like her.


Source: backflipflops.blogspot.com via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

A vase or jar

A foam paintbrush

Acrylic paint


Construction paper

Hole punch


What you’ll do:

1.    Use a foam paintbrush to paint the inside/outside of the jar and let dry.

2.    Paint your palm white, then add your handprint to the outside of the jar.

3.    Make a cute nametag out of construction paper. Punch a hole and use yarn to tie it around the top of the jar.

4.    Put a hole at the top of the paper.


Frame it

A picture of you and your madre will look even cuter in this fabric covered photo frame!




Source: amyjdelightful.blogspot.com via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

A rectangular piece of cotton fabric approximately 11x13 inches (or a little bigger. It doesn’t have to be cut perfectly)

An 8x10 mat (you can either purchase a pre-cut mat or cut your own out of mat board)

Spray glue


An x-acto knife


A small foam brush


What you’ll do:

1.    Spray the backside of the fabric and the front side of the mat with a generous coat of spray glue.

2.    Lay your glue covered fabric on a table, glue side up. Carefully place your glue covered mat face down onto the center, leaving equal portions on each side.

3.    Press down firmly all over the backside of the mat.

4.    Cut off the corners of the fabric with scissors (careful to leave only a tiny margin by the corner of the mat).

5.    Pulling firmly, starting next to the corner, pull the fabric up over the mat, one side at a time. Press down, smoothing out all air bubbles.

6.    With your knife, cut the interior of the fabric diagonally out, starting in each corner, creating an x. Trim the edges.

7.    Pull the fabric up over the edge of the mat, starting in the corners.

8.    Pull firmly to ensure that the fabric is tight, especially in the corners.

9.    Use Mod-podge on your foam brush to help adhere the edges if the fabric doesn’t stick.

10. Once all edges are in place, use Mod-podge to go over the edges of the fabric for extra security and to prevent any fraying. The outside corners might also need a dab of Mod-podge, smoothed down with your finger.

11. Let it dry thoroughly, then add a pic of you and your mom!

BY CHELSEY SELLECK ON 5/6/2013 12:00:00 AM

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