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10 things to tell your mom anytime

Sure, Mother's Day is coming up. But showing Mom how much you love her should be an everyday thing, don’t ya think? Here are 10 easy ways to make mom smile. 


“You’re my role model.”

Whether you notice it or not, your mom is a big part of who you are and who you’re becoming. Let her know that you appreciate her, and that she’s the woman you look up to.


“It’s time for a social media lesson.”

Alright, we know the last thing ya wanna do is dent mom’s confidence, but this touchy subject is worth bringing up. It’s time to pull mom into the 21st century with a good old Facebook tutorial or two! She’ll be tweeting away in no time.


“Let’s get mani-pedis!”

Classic bonding with your ma is always fun, especially when pampering is involved! Get matching manis for a totally adorable day out.


“Let’s throw a party—together.”

From a monthly brunch with your gals and hers to a neighborhood block party, why not ask mom to cohost the soiree of the season?


“Tell me some stories about when you were a teen!”

Mom listens to countless tales about your bestie stresses and guy dramaramas. So why not show a little interest in her stories? You might even wind up reminiscing and laughing for hours.


“I need your advice.”

Here’s a super important one. Whenever you need it, don’t be afraid to ask mom for help. Even if everything’s A-OK, mom will always have some supportive pep-talk to give.


“Your hairstyle is adorbs.”

Hair, clothes, makeup, whatevs. Give your mom a compliment today. Pick something you really love, and let her know. A little flattery from her little girl will mean so much to mom.


“I lied to you.”

That time you cheated on your math final or snatched a five from mom’s purse? Your offense has probably been bothering you a lot. So this mother’s day, come clean to your mom about anything that’s been on your mind. Fessing up will give you a clean slate, and open up extra room for you and your mom’s relationship to grow.


“I’m so lucky to have a BFF as my mom.”

Sometimes telling you what to do and giving you responsibilities can make mom feel less like a bud than she is. Remind her that you’re not just family, you’re friends! That’s one sure way to a closer relationship and a guaranteed smile.


“I love you.”

Never underestimate the power of telling your mom these simple words. It may seem unnecessary to tell her what she already knows, but this little phrase can go a long way. So next time you’re feeling the love, or even just filling a moment of silence, speak up!
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BY JULIE HARANS ON 5/4/2014 12:00:00 AM


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