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7 ridiculous caffeine-laced products (and why they just might disappear)

Way back in the 1950s, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved caffeine use in just one product, the iconic cola. Nowadays, you can find caffeine in a bevy of different foods, from the usual suspects to snack foods and bubble gum. Given the abundance of the additive, though, the FDA is considering restricting the use of caffeine, or limiting its consumption.


According to Businessweek, it’s not just one product that’s a problem, but whether the huge number of food items containing caffeine could present too much exposure for the average adult. Right now, federal guidelines suggest that adults keep their caffeine intake below 300mg a day—about three cups of coffee (or cans of Red Bull)—and teens stay below 100mg a day. But with caffeine cropping up pretty much everywhere, it might just be time to consider caffeine as the drug it is.


Take a peek at the off-the-wall products that contain caffeine, and then tell us if you think it should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol currently are.

  • caffeine-arma.jpg

    ARMA Energy Snx

    What’s a hungry girl to do after school but…toss back some caffeine-laced trail mix, dried fruit, granola or kettle chips? That’s what ARMA has to offer with their product line that is also infused with B-vitamins and taurine.

  • caffeine-cookie.jpg

    Buzz Strong Bakery’s Real Coffee Cookies

    Calling all chocoholics—this one’s for you: Buzz Strong Bakery has staked it’s reputation on baking up quality cookies that just so happen to be loaded with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Er, forget the post-lunch slump, huh?

  • caffeine-jerky.jpg

    Perky Jerky

    Whatever your feelings about dried beef, you’ve gotta admit that the name’s pretty darn clever. These snacks contain guarana, which, as a seed, contains twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean. Half a container of Perky Jerky will give ya about 150mg of caffeine.

  • caffeine-nixie.jpg

    Nixie Tubes

    They might looks like Pixie Sticks, but this ThinkGeek exclusive product gives you a test tube-worth of sour powdered goodness that’s infused with 200mg of caffeine. Wowza!


  • caffeine-sumseeds.jpg


    Have you ever looked at your handful of nuts and thought, gee, I wish I could get a bit more of an energy buzz from these babies? Well, someone evidently did, because one package of these special sunflower seeds offers up 140mg of caffeine. Um, yum?

  • caffeine-waffle.jpg

    Wired Waffles

    No need to hit up Starbucks for your morning jolt of caffeine. These babies—which are preservative free, we feel the need to note—contain 200mg of caffeine per serving. Pair ‘em with the brand’s caffeinated syrup for an extra burst of energy.


  • caffeine-water.jpg

    Water Joe

    This “artesian water” comes from an underground aquifer and offers up a shot of caffeine derived from coffee beans. The bottled water comes in three sizes; the smallest at 60mg contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or a 12-oz soft drink.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

What do you think is the weirdest product of the bunch? Do you think they're good ideas? Tell us in the comments!

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 5/15/2013 4:40:00 PM


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