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Fashion, friends, dances and drama: Life sews on in Sew Zoey!

Is your notebook filled with doodles of your fave fashion trends? Do you aspire to be the next Rachel Zoe?

Zoey Webber is no different—and you can follow along as her design dreams come true in the Sew Zoey series from Chloe Taylor.

Zoey is your average middle school girl with a big dream—to make it in the fashion world and be featured in her favorite mag, Tres Chic. So when Zoey’s school finally gets rid of uniforms, her passion grows into something bigger than just a hobby.

Follow Zoey as she tries to balance school, friends and fashion in the first three books of the Sew Zoey series. Read on to check out a free excerpt and previews of the books…plus score fashion and sewing tips!

Ready to read? Click the button to get a free excerpt of Sew Zoey: Ready to Wear by Chloe Taylor.

Want to sharpen your eye for design? Click the button to get tips for every aspiring stylist, designer and fashionista.

Ready to start your own fashion empire? Click the button to get sewing basics for newbies—including a checklist, a first-ever sewing project and more.
  • ReadytoWear.png
    Sew Zoey: Ready to Wear

    Zoey couldn’t be more thrilled when her middle school nixes their 65-year tradition of uniforms. With a sketchpad full of ideas but nothing to wear, Zoey learns how to create her own clothes—and even starts a blog dedicated to her latest designs. But when her blog gets the attention of her school’s principal, Zoey is asked to create her biggest piece yet. Find out what happens when Zoey’s two worlds collide in Sew Zoey: Ready to Wear.
  • PinsNeedles.png
    Sew Zoey: On Pins and Needles

    What’s worse than fashion emergencies? Friend emergencies—and Zoey has plenty of them. With a big sewing contest around the corner and rocky relationships with friends Kate and Libby on the forefront, how will she make both work plus pull off an ah-mazing piece for the contest? No matter what the sitch—fashion or friends—see how Zoey solves her probs in Sew Zoey: On Pins and Needles.
  • Lightscamerafashion.png
    Sew Zoey: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

    Everything is shaping up in Zoey’s world: Her school is throwing a formal, she’s designing glam gowns for her besties and they’ve all made a pact to ask their crushes to the dance. But when she’s asked to be a guest judge on her fave show Fashion Showdown!, Zoey must choose between the dance and her dream. Will she ever get her fashion fairy tale? Find out in Sew Zoey: Lights, Camera, Fashion!
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY GL ON 6/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

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