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Dress like your favorite PLL lady for the season premiere

Are you obsessed with Pretty Little Liars? Us, too! Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily all have such cool personal style. And we especially love how each has their own look. We’re breaking down how to dress like your favorite PLL girl below—just in time for the Season 4 premiere this Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
  • 1PLL.jpg

    Dress like…Hanna

    Hanna’s style is chic and girly. She loves feminine colors, but isn’t afraid to rough things up with edgy accessories. To dress like Hanna, aim for girly shapes (like this fun peplum dress) and match with cool accessories. Top things off with a cute blazer and flirty heels.


    Club L Candy Lace Peplum Dress, $35, nelly.com

    Lightly Faded Denim Jacket, $30, forever21.com

    Coral Bow T-bar Court Heels, $38, newlook.com

    Pleather Bow and Chains Bracelet Set, $5 (on sale!), charlotterusse.com

    Kate Spade Locked in Stud Earring, $38 (on sale!), piperlime.com

    Sun Spike Necklace, $38, nastygal.com
  • 2PLL.jpg

    Dress like…Emily

    Emily’s style is laidback and simple. She values comfort, but always looks cute and put together. To get Emily’s look, try a cute baseball tee, or any top that’s more tomboy. Pair with jean shorts and simple jewelry (like these cute bangles and ring). Slip on some cool flip-flops and you’re set!


    Enamel Tribal Bangle Trio, $6, charlotterusse.com

    Honeycomb Cut-Out Ring, $40, gorjanagriffin.com

    Rock Stud Charm Flip Flops, $29, accessorize.com

    Infamous Emotion Women's Baseball Tee, $19 (on sale!), tillys.com

    Basic Dark Wash Denim Shorty-Shorts, $22 (on sale!), aeropostale.com
  • 3PLL.jpg


    Dress like…Spencer

    Spencer’s style is preppy and fun! She always looks classic and pretty, but utilizes a pop of color to spice up her look. To nab Spencer’s style, wear a cute collared shirt and tailored, polished shorts. Pair with flats and feminine jewelry (like this cute cuff and flower ring). Top it off with a funky, bright headband and you’re looking great.


    Sleeveless Metallic Collar Dogs Shirt, $17, vjstyle.com

    Stab Stitch Short, $43, oasis-stores.com

    Portobello Lace Mesh Ballerinas, $49, accessorize.com

    Classic Wide Bangle in Warm Flame, $28, jcrew.com

    Marble Epoxy Flower Ring, $8, wetseal.com

    Tasha Wire Head Wrap in Coral, $20, nordstrom.com

  • 4PLL.jpg

    Dress like…Aria

    Aria’s style is bohemian and colorful, with fun, daring accents and bold shapes. She always pushes style boundaries and wears things that set trends. To nab her cool, boho look try out a printed wrap skirt and a cute cami or crop top. Pair with a unique vest and eclectic jewelry. Then finish off with bright, bold shoes.


    Full Tilt Stud Trim Bralette, $15, tillys.com

    Cropped Denim Vest, $25, target.com

    Printed Sarong Skirt, $45, mango.com

    Mandina Boots in Blue Misc, $50 (on sale!), aldoshoes.com

    Cluster Stone Cuff, $40, solesociety.com

    Lafayette Necklace in Teal, $29, shopsosie.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which PLL character’s style do you love most? Share in the comments below.

BY HANNAH MESHULAM ON 6/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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