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Our fave celeb-inspired shorts for summer

To keep cool in the hot summer months, shorts are key. But lots of different lengths are trending this year: which pair should you pick? From super short to medium length to Bermudas, all of these shorts are cool in their own way. Check out our fave celeb-inspired pairs, below.
  • 1shorts.jpg

    Short shorts

    Selena Gomez pulls off super short shorts by balancing them out with a flowy white longsleeved blouse and simple hair.

    Keke Palmer goes for a fun, wild look with geometric high-waisted short shorts and matching blazer.

    Editor’s tip: The key here? It’s all about covering up on top if you’re showing a lotta leg.

  • 2shorts.jpg

    Fresh flowers

    These floral frayed shorts are perfect for summer! Paired with a lightweight sweater or denim jacket, they’ll be the ideal accent to a fun summer outfit.


    Bullhead Fray Hem Hawaii Print Shorts, $37, pacsun.com

  • 3shorts.jpg

    Culture shock

    Multicolored, highwaisted, tailored short shorts are a cool cultural update to your collection. Wear with a black BF blazer to show off your stylish side.


    Step Outside Lima Short in Berrylicious, $46, billabong.com

  • 4shorts.jpg

    Neon right now

    Rock both the neon and short shorts trend with these awesome, edgy culottes. Unique and unexpected, they’re sure to spice up any look. Try ‘em with a long-sleeved blouse, like Selena’s.


    Spiked Denim Short Shorts in Neon Yellow, $13 (on sale!), forever21.com

  • 5shorts.jpg

    Mid-length shorts

    Mila Kunis rocks her mid-length metallic shorts with a blazer and nude heels. Her soft waves and natural-looking tan show off a laid-back personality.

    Victoria Justice rocks the orange carpet in medium-length hot pink shorts and a matching blazer, pairing fun with professional.

    Editor’s tip: Goin’ dressy? Mid-length shorts + blazer combo make for a rockin’ power suit. Add heels to lengthen legs—especially nude pumps, like Mila’s!

  • 6shorts.jpg

    Cute cuffs

    These sweet distressed denim medium-length shorts are great for summer. Offering more coverage, they’re still fun and fashionable, ideal with a cool graphic tank.


    Cuffed Denim Shorts, $20, forever21.com

  • 7shorts.jpg

    Rest easy

    These longish twill shorts with pleats and cuffs are both put-together and casual. Cool with a relaxed top or even a bathing suit, these shorts give off a breezy, summery vibe.


    H&M Shorts, $18, hm.com

  • 8shorts.jpg

    Perky prints

    These adorable mid-length polka dot shorts are sure to steal the spotlight. Wear with fun accessories and combat boots, if you’re daring!


    Polka Dot Knit Shorts, $16, loveculture.com

  • 9shorts.jpg

    Longer shorts

    Rachel Bilson looks super fashion-forward in reflective Bermuda shorts and a matching blazer, combining slouchy and chic for a look that’s both cool and trendy.

    Editor’s tip: Keep one part of your look tailored when going super slouchy, like Rachel’s button-up blouse and prim pumps.

  • 10shorts.jpg

    Cotton blossom

    These cute chino shorts in stretch cotton twill are comfortable and cool. Pair with a fun pattern tank and chic sandals.


    H&M Shorts, $25, hm.com

  • 11shorts.jpg

    True blues

    Aren’t these low-rise distressed denim Bermuda shorts the best? They’re way wearable, super flattering and crazy comfy, plus they look great with any outfit!


    H&M Denim Shorts, $30, hm.com

  • 12shorts.jpg

    Pedal pushers
    These mid-rise white stretch knee-length are a mashup between Bermudas and capris—and make for the perfect fresh short for summer. Greet higher temperatures with these fun shorts, matched with a cool pattern top and bright accessories.


    Old Navy The Sweetheart Denim Bermudas in Bright White, $25, oldnavy.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY HANNAH MESHULAM ON 6/6/2013 3:30:00 PM

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