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3 killer ways to wear your fave boots in summer

It’s a common misconception that boots can only be worn in the fall and winter. Everybody knows that sandals are king in the summer, but if you want to change things up a little, try rocking your favorite boots with some of your warm-weather outfits. Here’s how…


  • 1summerboots.jpg

    Ankle boots

    The shorter your boots are, the easier they are to wear with cutoffs or a skirt. Match them with accents in your accessories, and choose bright, fun colors and prints, especially florals, to make the look seasonal.


    Aerie Doolman Hi-Lo Tee, $25, ae.com

    Lipsy Essentials Vest Top, $12, lipsy.co.uk

    White Floral Denim Hotpants, $16, desireclothing.co.uk

    Asos Acquaint Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots, $91, asos.com

    Armani Exchange Elastic Cord Cuff, $29, armaniexchange.com

    Warehouse 50’s Style Sunglasses, $25, warehouse.co.uk

  • 2summerboots.jpg

    Combat boots

    Any lace-up boots you’ve got in your closet will look killer with dresses. Mixing the hardness of combat boots with the softness of a girly dress makes ya super stylish. Complement the look with simple jewelry and you’re good to go!


    Tie Dye Shirt Dress, $40, topshop.com

    Madden Girl Gamer Boot, $60, dsw.com

    Snake Bruin Clutch, $42, lookinggoodtoday.com

    RJ Graziano Gold Stack Bangle, $38, bloomingdales.com

    Gorjana Anchor Necklace, $50, shopbop.com

  • 3summerboots.jpg

    Cowboy boots

    Western-inspired footwear is so fun for the summer. They look best with dresses, especially hi-lo hemmed dresses like the one pictured. Toss on bold colors to show off the playfulness of the look, but try to avoid denim, or you’ll look a little too much like a real cowgirl—unless that’s what you’re going for!


    Strappy Lace Hi-Lo Dress, $40, delias.com

    Volatile Swift Cowboy Boots, $100, buckle.com

    John & Pearl Alex Earring, $45, wolfandbadger.com

    Armani Exchange Stackable Stone Rings, $38, armaniexchange.com

    Delias Polish in Emerald Isle, $5, delias.com

    12 Row Braided Mix Bangle, $8, rue21.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Remember, don’t throw your boots to the back of your closet just because the temperature is rising. Cute boots can be an unexpected and cool way to bring some fierceness to your summer look.

BY HANNAH MESHULAM ON 6/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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