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GL girls spill: 10 amazing life lessons we learned from "The Moon and More"

Click here to get your copy of The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen novels: They’re sweet, hilarious, real. Maybe a little sad but always in a good way. They make us think about our own lives as we learn from the characters. They make us fall in love with the setting and the story.

When we heard Dessen’s newest book was coming out just in time for summer reading, we got our hands on advanced reading copies of The Moon and More, then sent ‘em out to real GL girls to read and review.

What’d they think? The Moon and More is an incredible story filled with amazing lessons about love, life and growing up. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on!

Reach for The Moon
The Moon and More is about a girl named Emaline who has a very eventful summer before she goes to college,” says Shannon D., 17 from Baltimore, MD. She struggles with all the change coming in her life and gets caught between two choices: holding on to her happy life in a small beach town with her mom or moving on to bigger, more exciting things.

Over the course of the summer, she meets a boy from New York City and reconnects with her distant father and half brother. “Both the new boy, Theo, and her father complicate her life and present new perspectives on college and her future,” says Shannon. Emaline feels her world beginning to change, but with the help of her family and best friends, she searches for a perfect balance.

Swoon for The Moon
Twenty GL girls got the chance to read an advanced copy of The Moon and More…and 20 GL girls loved it. “I would 100% recommend it to my friends,” says Mackenzie G., 15 from Muskegon, MI. “I’m pretty sure we all deal with family, boyfriends or swiftly ending summers. It had parts that made me laugh out loud and other parts that made me almost want to cry. Plus, who doesn’t love a romance-filled, summer comedy with a twist?” Good point, Mack.
  • 1.jpg
    “You don’t have to let go of absolutely everything.”
    Paige S., 16 from Maison, MI

    Often as people grow up, they think about how life would be if they lived somewhere else. If they lived in a big city instead of a small town (or vice versa), maybe things would be different. My friends and I are close to going off to college, which means we’ll be going our separate ways and possibly leaving the town that’s been home to us forever.  This book helps people find the balance between holding on and moving on, staying and dreaming, holding onto memories and also making them. In the book, Emaline said that the ocean is her “constant.” A place doesn’t always have to be physical—sometimes it’s a state of mind. People don’t have to let go of absolutely everything.
  • 3.jpg
    “Family means everything.”
    Brianna H., 14 from Littleton, CO

    I learned how important it is to stay close to your family. Sure, Emaline and her sisters fought, but in the end of the book, she admitted Amber helped her deal with sharing a room in college because she always snuck into Emaline’s room at home. Emaline also has such a tight relationship with her mom and no matter where she went, she kept in touch with her. Family means everything.
  • 4.jpg
    “We all want that…a guy who doesn’t try to be anything other than himself.”
    Dani S., 16 from Savage, MN

    My favorite part of the book was a special moment between Theo and Emaline. I feel like most girls will just fall in love with Theo. He’s so incredibly dorky and sweet and spontaneous. We all want that, not just a mask, a real guy who doesn’t try to be anything other than himself.
  • 5.jpg
    “Dream big and stay true to who you are.”
    Paige S., 16 from Maison, MI

    I’d recommend this book to anyone who ever feels the need to escape or go somewhere else. To anyone who is torn between all the things she knows and all the things she wants to know. To any daydreamer. To anyone with high hopes. Though I’m different from Emaline in several ways, through her journey, I gained a clearer path for myself. This book helps you find your place, whether it’s a beach or a city or a farm or a combination of all these things. This book reminds people to dream big and stay true to who they are.
  • New5.jpg
    “People can go through rough patches but still come out as great friends.”
    Brianna H., 14 from Littleton, CO

    My favorite part of the book was when everyone went searching for Emaline’s half-brother, Benji. This just shows how kids can handle tragic events in their life. Benji didn’t want to leave his sister and the beach for a life with divorced parents. Plus, Luke helped Emaline look for Benji despite all that they had endured that summer. It shows how people can go through rough patches but still come out as great friends.
  • 6.jpg
    “He’s the kind of friend you want, who will take your side and make everything okay.”
    Dani S., 16 from Savage, MN

    My favorite character was Morris—Emmaline’s awkward, unique, not-near-to-perfect best friend. He’s the kind of friend you want, who will take your side and won’t judge you for what happens, but will make everything okay. I loved how he didn’t read into everything, but simply went with the flow of life, following it wherever it takes him.
  • 7.jpg
    “You can’t sacrifice your own dream for someone else.”
    Hayley S., 18 from Batavia, IL

    From reading The Moon and More, I learned you can’t sacrifice your own dreams just to please someone else. When you are making a huge decision that will impact your life more than someone else’s, you need to be able to pick the thing that will ultimately make you happy and successful.
  • New8.jpg
    “We don’t know what the next phase in our life might be, but we can be always ready for when it comes.”
    Laura S., 15 from Attleboro, MA

    This is my favorite quote: "Life is long. Just because you don’t get your chances right when you want or expect it doesn’t mean it won’t come. Fate doesn’t punch a time clock or consult a schedule” (pg. 329). I like it because it shows and teaches me to be ready for the unexpected. We don’t know what the next phase in our life might be, but we can be always ready for when it comes.
  • New9.jpg
    “Girl power means stopping when you’re not happy.”
    Mackenzie G., 15 from Muskegon, MI

    This may sound a bit cruel, but my favorite part was when Emaline ended her relationship with one of the characters. It gave me a real sense of girl power to know Emaline had the strength to change things when she wasn’t happy.
  • 10.jpg
    “It’s exciting to grow up…but we all face moments when we wish we could stay carefree.”
    Lucy B., 14 from Westchester, NY

    Emaline is entering college and I’m entering high school. Even though they’re completely different things, the fears we have about each of them are similar. Throughout the book, Emaline has to deal with the reality that soon she’ll have to leave her beloved hometown behind and begin the next chapter of her life. As I’m about to go to high school, sometimes it feels like I’m leaving part of my younger self behind. It’s exciting to grow up (and I know high school will be fun), but I think we all face moments when we wish we could stay carefree and little forever. Growing older means new responsibilities, and sometimes I wish I didn’t have them.
  • TMAM_521x340.jpg
    Click here to get your copy of The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
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BY GL ON 6/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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