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Workout ouchies--and what to do about them

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You lace up your sneaks and hit the road. Two miles later, you’re finally home, but instead of exhilarated, you’re ready to swear off exercise—forever. Your feet hurt, you can’t breath, you’ve got a serious stitch in your side and your legs are wicked itchy. What gives?! Here’s what’s going on in your bod when ya work out, and how to make it feel better, fast.



Painful cramps

The most dreaded thing about running is those terrible cramps that sneak up on ya. Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to make sure your run is cramp-free. To prevent those stitches, make sure you give your self plenty of time to digest your food before you go for a run. Then, don’t forget to breathe evenly through your mouth to make sure your abdomen is getting enough oxygen. If you do end up getting a cramp, try slowing your running pace and switching up your breathing pattern. Hopefully it’ll be gone in no time!


Messy blisters

New sneakers are sure to give you an icky blister if they’re too tight or too stiff. The number one way to prevent blisters is to make sure your shoes fit properly and to wear soft, padded socks. If you know there’s a certain part of your foot that’s prone to blisters, try putting a Band-Aid over it before you go workout. If one happens to develop, try not to touch it. Trying to pop it will only cause it to be infected more easily. Give it lots of air, and it’ll heal before you know it.



We know working out is great for you, but what’s happening when you start to become dizzy during exercises? The answer could be as simple as the amount of food and water you consuming. Make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet before you workout. You want carbs, fats, and protein to help fuel your body. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle so you can stay hydrated during your workout. If you do happen to get dizzy during an exercise, stop and sit down for a minute. You don’t want to risk losing your balance and falling. If it happens a lot, you might want to talk to a doctor.


Can’t get enough air

If you’re gasping for air, that’s your body’s way of telling you that your overdoing it. Make sure you’re gradually increasing how long you’re working out, and how hard your working out. Otherwise, you’ll put too much pressure on your lungs, which results in shortness of breath. Start off with a walk, and then slowly increase your speed and duration. This will help burn fat and increase your muscular endurance and stamina. For fast relief, pause for a minute and raise your arms above your head to open up your ribcage. Ahh...


Runners itch

Do you ever get that itchy feeling on your legs while you’re working out? Maybe it starts on your right leg, and then moves to your left leg. The main cause of this is actually inside the skin, not on the outside. When you start to run, the need for blood circulation becomes greater. This is where the itchy feeling comes from. The more fit you get, the less you’ll itch! Make sure you stretch before and after your workout, and be sure to wear comfy clothing that won’t rub.


Poppin’ ears

There’s nothing more distracting during a workout than when your ears pop. But what even causes this? Well, you probably have exercise-induced Eustachian tube dysfunction. What in the world is that? Well when you exercise, the increased blood flow causes a blocking in one of the tubes in your ear. But don’t worry, it happens to lots of people. Try swallowing or yawning to get rid of the uncomfortable sensation.




BY KATIE TAKACS ON 6/12/2013 11:52:00 AM


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