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10 ways to surprise Dad tomorrow

Hey babes, you know what tomorrow is—Father’s Day! We’ve got some little things that you can do to show the big guy that he’s the most important man in your life. Check it out...



Instead of going out to dinner like every other holiday, plan a cookout for Dad. Include all of his favorites, from a nice steak to a delicious dessert. Make sure every pick is something he loves to show that you really know what he likes!


Do some of Dad’s chores for the day. Even just taking the trash out or walking the dog for him will give him a little extra time to sit and relax. Oh and be sure to do your own chores too, without him asking.


Make him a “Me and My Dad” photo album. Include pics of you and him from all different times in your life. Finding pics from old soccer games, dance recitals, or even just hanging out on the couch will show him that you really took time to put this awesome gift together.


Rent all of his favorite movies and pop some extra-buttery popcorn. Gather the family and have a movie marathon.


Craft a card. Anyone can go to the store and buy a generalized greeting card. Put some extra effort into creating one that is super personal. He’ll appreciate it much more than a store-bought card.


Bring him breakfast in bed. Cook up some eggs and bacon and grab the newspaper. He’ll definitely enjoy the little bit of extra time he can spend in bed that morning, all thanks to you.


Give your garage a makeover. There’s no doubt that dads love working in the garage, but sometimes they can get messy. Clean it up for him and add some new decorations to turn his man cave into something special.


Scribble down a list of all the reasons you appreciate him. Write each one on a post-it note and stick them around the house. He’ll feel treasured the whole day as he finds each new note.


Put together jars of his favorites candies with personalized labels. For example, if he loves Reese’s Pieces, put a label that says “love you to pieces!”


Make him a coupon book. Put things like, “one kid-free sports game” and other fun things you know he would enjoy. 

How are you surprising your dad, grandad or special someone tomorrow? Tell us in the comments, cuties!

BY KATIE TAKACS ON 6/15/2013 12:00:00 AM


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