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6 ways to rock a maxi

Maxi skirts and dresses have proven that they’re a trend that’s here to stay, so don’t miss out just ‘cause you don’t know how to wear one. Everyone, from a lengthy lady to a petite princess, can rock this look: You just need to figure out your favorite way. Lucky for you, we’ve got six ways to wear a maxi that will keep you experimenting all summer long.
  • 1maxi.jpg

    1. Belt it

    Want to add some shape to your favorite maxi? By pairing yours with a cute belt, you’ll get to show off your adorable figure under all of that fabric. If your maxi is a little long for you, a thick belt can also temporarily hem your dress: just pick up a little bit of extra fabric and hide it under your belt so you can hang with your girls without trippin’ all over yourself.


    Geo-Tribal Maxi Dress, $17, forever21.com

  • 2maxi.jpg

    2. Crop it

    A great way to show off your awesome elevation is to pair a darker maxi skirt with a bright or patterned top.  Even if you aren’t the tallest girl in the world, this look will make you seem taller, since the dark skirt lengthens your legs and draws your eye up to your bright tank.  


    Skirt, $18, hm.com

    Sparkle & Fade Slit-Back Tie-Front Shirt, $44, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 3maxi.jpg

    3. Tie it

    If you’re constantly bouncing from place to place with your girls and want to make sure your dress doesn’t get in the way, tying it up is a fun, chic way to make your skirt a little shorter. Whether your walkin’ around on the beach or running around in a giant game of tag, all you have to do is gather the material off to the side and tie a quick knot.


    Staring At Stars T-Shirt Maxi Dress, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 4maxi.jpg

    4. Print it

    If you want to add that extra pop to get you some attention, pick a printed maxi. A fun floral or cool chevron will draw attention to your dress and the girl in it! Try and match the pattern to your height—shorter gals should try smaller patterns, but taller chicas should stick to bolder prints. 


    Chevron Stripe Halter Maxi Dress, $29, charlotterusse.com
  • 5maxi.jpg

    5. Accessorize it

    All a girl needs in life is a large-and-in-charge statement necklace. Give everybody something to talk about when they see you in a solid shade maxi with a standout collar. Fierce!


    Sing A-long Teal Maxi Dress, $41, lulus.com

    Burnished Gold and Enamel Shapes Statement Necklace, $13, claires.com

  • 6maxi.jpg

    6. Hem it

    No matter how tall you are, you want to make sure your maxi fits you. You won’t love wearing it if you don’t like how it looks. Even tall girls might need to adjust the length, so ask your mom to hem it or take it to a tailor to get it shortened. The bottom should fall perfectly between your ankle and the bottom of your foot.  


    Braided Black Maxi Dress, $30, target.com

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