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Grow your girl gang with GL's summer friend finder! Here's how

Whether you need a little break from your school-year gals or just wanna branch out and expand your crew, there are tons of awesome places to find new friends this season. With a little boldness, a lot of kindness, and a few compliments, it’s easier than you think to snag a new summer bud. So check out a few of our fav ways, and you’ll be a BFF magnet in no time!


On your vacay

Making friends on vacay is super cool for so many reasons—they’re a fresh face, they’re from out of town, and you can savor the vacay together. So if you’re lucky enough to meet a cool girl on your summer getaway, go for it! Introduce yourself and find some free time to make plans. Once you’re back home, don’t forget to keep in touch with your newfound out-of-town girlie.


At your bestie’s bash

Finding new friends through old ones is the best way to make sure it’s a match. Your BFFs know you inside and out, so next time you’re at a pal’s bash or even just a hangout, ask her to introduce you to someone you haven’t met yet. Any friend of your bestie should be a friend of yours!


At your fave store

When you step into your favorite store, it’s hard to focus on anything but the overwhelming rush of joyful shopping. But before you dash off to snatch the best of the sales, take a peek around for a friendly face. If a girl’s got the same taste in fashion, that’s probably not the only thing you two have in common. To break the ice with your soon-to-be bestie, ask her opinion of a piece you’ve picked up, or tell her how much you love those summery boots she’s rocking.


At the pool

Poolside is the perf place for broadening your bestie horizons. Snag a chair next to the friendliest girl you spot, and get chatting about whatever you can. Boys, tanlines, your fave summer tunes…Then challenge her to an underwater race or invite her to grab a sweet treat with you at the snack bar.


At the gym

Making friends at the gym takes a little work, but totally pays off. The next few times you head in for a sweat sesh, try to notice which gals are making repeat appearances. Find a girl who hits up the gym around the same time you do. You’ll not only make a cool, healthy summer friend, you’ll also have a brand new gym buddy!


Where did you meet your bestie? Tell us in the comments!

BY JULIE HARANS ON 6/29/2013 12:00:00 AM


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