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5 ways your lemonade stand-for-a-cause can help your community

The classic lemonade stand doesn’t have to be forgotten, though the times, they are a-changin’. You might have to upsell it—hey, a quarter doesn’t go quite as far as it used to!—but trust us, this money-maker is a sweet way to support a cause that needs your help. Here’s how one Saturday stand can make a huge difference:


By inspiring others to follow your lead

There’s something about seeing someone else doing something selfless that spurs us to get off our booties and make a positive change in our lives, and in the lives of others. Be the first to start the cycle—who knows? Maybe by the end of the summer, your neighborhood will be swapping stand duties every Saturday!


By bringing people together for a common goal

One person, two people, a trio—sure, they can all do great work independently, but consider how much more good you can with a greater number of helping hands. Selecting a cause that is specific to you, someone you know or your community as a whole can help rally other individuals around your efforts.


By focusing on a problem—and working together to fix it

Your high school is cutting its arts program. The local senior center is chopping its hours. A kid down the block was just diagnosed with lymphoma. There are people and places and things that need community support all around you—you just have to discover them. Tune in to your local paper, pop into a town council meeting, email the mayor or PTO president—trust us, there are good causes itching for assistance everywhere you look.


By supporting a charity or organization that works locally

Raising money for the Red Cross is a noble effort—they, and many other national organizations, do so much good for so many people around the globe. But sometimes, it pays to narrow your focus. Instead of the ASPCA in general, consider donating money to a local shelter to support a no-kill program.


By serving up a bit of cheer (and nostalgia) during the hot summer months

You can go with a mix, of course, but we love homemade. Here’s out favorite recipe:

Juice 6 lemons and combine in a gallon pitcher with 6 cups of cold water and 1 cup of sugar. Stir, adjust water to taste if it’s too sweet, then chill and serve in cute cups over ice.


+ Adding basil leaves, muddled strawberries and iced tea for an Arnold Palmer are all great ways to boost your bottom line.


+ Got babysitting charges or younger family members? Ask them to decorate your cups with Sharpies and stickers!

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 6/23/2013 12:00:00 AM


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