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Camp-style DIYs to do at home this weekend

Ya don’t have to head to camp to make the best DIYs around. These camp projects are so simple, you can make ‘em at home in a snap. Better yet? Invite your besties over for a crafting party. Trust us, it’ll be just like you’re heading away for a week of s’mores, silly songs and friendship bracelets.


Tie one on

Do you envy all those camp bracelets your friends come home with at the end of each summer? Why not join in the fun and make some sweet string and gimp bracelets with your besties all summer long. Head to your local crafts store and pick out your fave colors and beads. Then plan a day to invite all your BFF’s that stayed home to come over and make friendship bracelets together!

Pinned by @Obaz


Pillow perfect

Hit the craft store and pick up some fabric markers, ‘cause you’re decorating your pillowcases. It’s the perfect slumber-party activity! Sign your names, write your inside jokes, or put inspiring quotes on each others pillowcases with all sorts of little designs and cutesy hearts. It’ll brighten up your bedrooms and put a smile on your face as you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning.


Pinned by @AmaraKaplan


For the birds

This summer turn your front yard into a birdie paradise! With just a pine cone, some peanut butter, and a handful of birdseed, you can make a yummy little bird feeder for your flying friends. Tie on a pretty ribbon to attach the pine cone to your tree and add that girly touch and voila! You’ve got yourself a bird feeder.


Pinned by @DeniseBruin



All tie-dyed up

What better way to make your wardrobe pop than tie-dye? Tie dying is super fun and a great activity to do when it’s nice out (it’s a little messy!). Tie dying tees, shorts, sweatshirts, socks, or even towels would make sure you’ve got unique summer apparel that everyone will envy.



Pinned by @caseyb416



Chasin’ dreams

Decorate your room with some festive, easy-to-make dream catchers. These tribal looking crafts are fun to design and make awesome décor. Add on any beads, feathers, or colored strings to make it your own!


Pinned by @JKielan7


Double yum

This classic campy treat is extremely yummy and fun to make. One night this summer invite over all your besties for a bonfire full of songs, s’mores, and smiles they won’t forget! You can make double s’mores or even add in some cookies to switch it up a bit.


Pinned by @JenHominid

What's your favorite camp craft? Tell us in the comments!

BY LINDSAY HURWITZ ON 6/19/2014 12:00:00 AM

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