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Fictional film worlds Teen Beach Movie stars wanna join

We’re so psyched for Disney Channel’s new original movie, Teen Beach Movie, to premiere next month (catch it July 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT). In the flick, besties Brady (Rossy Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) magically get transported by a wave into a Brady’s fave movie, “Wet Side Story.” We got the chance to visit the set and asked the stars which movie they would die to be transported into if, ya know, the same thing were to happen to them. Read on to find out their answers.
  • 1Avatar.jpg

    Ross Lynch, who stars as Brady, says he’d love to be transported into Avatar. “I think it would be pretty sweet,” he spills.

  • 2Romeo+Juliet.jpg

    Star Maia Mitchell, who plays McKenzie, wants to be in any movie having to do with director Baz Luhrmann. “I love his version of Romeo + Juliet,” she says. “I’m such a romantic and that movie is so outrageous!” 

  • 3_42ndSt.jpg

    Hottie Garrett Clayton plays surfer boy Tanner. But if he could be transported into any fictional world, it would be 1933’s 42nd Street. “It’s vintage and I love the storyline. I know it’s a typical storyline now, but historically it is the first one that had a, ‘nobody becomes a somebody,’ plot. Plus, it kind of brought back the movie-musical to Hollywood itself,” he says.

  • 4NeverendingStory.jpg

    Grace Phipps stars as Lela in Teen Beach Movie. But if she had things her way, she’d be hanging with Falcor the Luckdragon in The Neverending Story. “I don’t wanna be afraid of the Nothing, but I really think it would be fun to hang out with Falcor,” she says.

  • 5Footloose.jpg

    John DeLuca stars as Teen Beach Movie’s bad guy Butchy. Though if he enters the world of Footloose, the movie he’d like to find himself in, he might be facing a whole new kind of troublemaker.

  • 6Grease.jpg

    Actress Chrissie Fit’s Teen Beach Movie character Chee Chee is one tough chick. But what movie does she want to run around in? Grease. “I love the lunch scene where they sing “Summer Nights” and Danny hits that high note at the end,” she tells us. “It’s classic.”

  • 7HarryPotter.jpg

    Jordan Fisher plays one on the surfer dudes, Seacat, in Teen Beach Movie. His answer? A true classic: Harry Potter. “Being in the real Hogwarts, waving wands and chocolate frogs…there’s too much about it I love,” he spills.

  • 8DirtyDancing.jpg

    “I would be transported into Dirty Dancing and live the life of Baby,” Mollee Gray, who stars as Giggles, tells us. “I'm literally obsessed, I love her so much.”

  • 9Transformers.jpg

    Kent Boyd, who plays Rascal, would totally swap lives with any Transformers character in a sec. “Running out of a burning building with Megan Fox in slow-mo? That would be really cool,” he says.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
Are you excited for Teen Beach Movie? Let us know what movie you wish you could be transported into in the comments below.


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