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Style 911: How to pack for a stylin' summer vacation

Your tickets are booked and your vacay is planned out to the very last deets, but your suitcase still lies empty on the floor. You can’t take your entire closet with ya, but you won’t need to if you pack these style musts.
  • 1packright.jpg

    Beach Babe

    You plan to spend the summer soaking up the sun and saltwater. Number one on your don’t-forget list? A cute bathing suit! Get a comfy one with straps—you don’t want to be worrying about your top falling down when you’re ridin’ the waves.

    Xhilaration Junior's Bandeau Swim Top – Tie Dye Print, $18, target.com

    Xhilaration Junior's Side Tie Swim Bottom – Tie Dye Print, $15, target.com

  • 2packright.jpg

    Beach Babe

    When the tide is low and you wanna catch up on some reading, you’ll want a cozy cover-up. This beachy tunic comes in tons of colors and prints. The best part? It’s only $13.

    Tunic (color: patterned), $13, hm.com

  • 3packright.jpg
    Beach Babe
    Don’t let your tootsies go unprotected against the hot sand. Flaunt these fun flip-flops and get a pink pedi to match.

    Slim Graphic – Fuschia, $26, us.havaianas.com

  • 4packright.jpg
    Beach Babe
    No shoes, no shirt, no service. Don’t get tripped up by this common restaurant rule. For evenings out, pack a couple of dresses and a pair of go-with-everything wedges. Keep your hair beachy with natural waves, swipe on some lip gloss, and you’ll be looking fine to dine in no time.

    Essential Georgette Maxi Dress, $30, forever21.com

  • 5packright.jpg

    City Slicker

    Heading to New York, Paris, London or another big city for summer break? Your 5-inch pumps look cute with your luggage, but you are guaranteed to be doing lots of walking. Tours, museums and even dinners out require hours on your toes, so you’ll want a pair of pretty flats that will make it easy.

    Taylor Swift's Champion Paw Dot, $50, keds.com

  • 7packrightjpg.jpg
    City Slicker

    City vacays are packed with sightseeing opportunities—don’t miss those Kodak moments by forgetting to tote around your camera. Bring along a cute camera bag that doubles as a clutch (for later!) and snap tons of pics. Hello, scrapbook!


    Poppie Jones Camera Cross Body Bag, $30, dsw.com

  • 6packright.jpg

    City Slicker

    Fashion is everywhere in big cities. Dress the part with a few bold outfits—vacation is the perfect time to experiment with your wardrobe.

    Pins And Needles Lace-Collar Romper, $60, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 8packright.jpg
    City Slicker
    Be prepared for chilly temps in fancy restaurants and museums by leaving some room in your suitcase for a chic striped blazer.

    Striped Open-Front Blazer, $28, forever21.com

  • 9packright.jpg

    Outdoorsy Girlie

    If your summer is full of camping or daytripping to the countryside, bring along some bug spray, sunscreen and these stylish picks. A chambray shirt? You’ll wanna rock it every day.

    AE Denim Safari Shirt, $45, ae.com

  • 10packright.jpg

    Outdoorsy Girlie

    Pick a cute hat to protect your hair from heat and everything else when you’re backpacking through nature.
    Floral Brim Hat, $6, aeropostale.com
  • 11packright.jpg

    Outdoorsy Girlie

    When you’re running around with your friends, the last thing you want to worry about is your shorts riding up on ya. Bring a longer pair in a fun color, and you’ll look cute and comfy.

    Dockers Soft Khaki Truly Slimming Twill Shorts, $20, kohls.com

  • 12packright.jpg

    Outdoorsy Girlie

    Beat the heat with a cool tank top. The funky tribal pattern on this one will leave all your cabin-mates wishin’ they had your wardrobe.

    Arizona Sweater Tank Top, $15, jcpenney.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
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