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Style inspo from our favorite Sarah Dessen characters

It’s no joke that Sarah Dessen fills our summer reads with real-life characters, adorable romances and can’t-put-down plot lines. Seriously, have you had a chance to check out her latest title, The Moon and More?
Each of her books has its own look, whether you glance at the cover art or flip open the pages. And since we can’t stop reading (and re-reading) Sarah Dessen’s summer romances, we got to thinking: what would her main girls wear if they were actually, ya know, real people?


We’ve put together styles for each main character of our fave Sarah Dessen novels. Whip up these outfits and dress like these awesome fictional femmes while indulging in their stories.

  • 1JustListen.jpg
    Annabel’s Post-Pageant Look

    From: Just Listen

    Annabel grew up with a pageant-obsessed mom, and it’s taken a toll on her sister. She’s kept up her girly look, but when she meets Owen, music has a whole new influence on her style.

  • 2sarahdessen.jpg
    Annabel’s Post-Pageant Look
    Painted Perennials Top, $33, modcloth.com
  • 3sarahdessen.jpg
    Annabel’s Post-Pageant Look
    Layered High-Low Skirt, $23, forever21.com
  • 4sarahdessen.jpg
    Annabel’s Post-Pageant Look
    SP Cubic Zirconia Music Note Pendant Necklace, $17, target.com
  • 5sarahdessen.jpg
    Annabel’s Post-Pageant Look
    MacBeth Collection Key Largo Pink Headphones, $20, beallsflorida.com 
  • 6TheTruthAboutForever.jpg

    Macy’s Catering Craze

    From: The Truth About Forever

    Smart-girl Macy expects to spend her summer working in the library and prepping for the SATs. But when a summer catering opportunity turns her plans around, she’ll have to look profesh in a whole new way.

  • 7sarahdessen.jpg
    Macy’s Catering Craze
    Tie-Front Eyelet Shirt, $15, forever21.com
  • 8sarahdessen.jpg
    Macy’s Catering Craze
    TFNC Mini Skirt With Frill Hem In Textured Jersey, $48, asos.com
  • 9sarahdessen.jpg
    Macy’s Catering Craze
    Cat Eye Cutie Sunglasses, $12, modcloth.com
  • 10sarahdessen.jpg
    Macy’s Catering Craze

    Abu Dhabi Snakeskin Wrap Watch, $30, francescas.com

  • 11AlongfortheRide.jpg

    Auden is Boutique Chic

    From: Along for the Ride

    It’s tough not to look summer-chic when you live in a beach town and work at a boutique like Auden. This sweet nautical frock adds a twirl to her look while she’s hanging with Eli.

  • 12sarahdessen.jpg
    Auden is Boutique Chic
    Nautical Sweetheart Dress, $25, forever21.com
  • 13sarahdessen.jpg
    Auden is Boutique Chic
    City Classified Colton Red Crisscrossing Flat Sandals, $17, lulus.com
  • 14sarahdessen.jpg
    Auden is Boutique Chic
    Open Weave Floppy Hat, $13, forever21.com
  • 15sarahdessen.jpg
    Auden is Boutique Chic
    Heart Polka Dot Backpack, $30, delias.com
  • 25ThisLullaby.jpg

    Hard Rock Remy

    From: This Lullaby

    Remy has tough skin, and she’s not about to let her boyfriend’s cheating ruin her summer. We think Remy’s totally rocker-chic, given that her dad was a musician, and Dexter (the new guy in her life) has some musical talent up his sleeve, too.

  • 16sarahdessen.jpg
    Hard Rock Remy
    Fitted Night Owl Tee, $11, forever21.com
  • 17sarahdessen.jpg
    Hard Rock Remy
    Baily 3 ½ inch Color Denim Short (red), $30, delias.com
  • 18sarahdessen.jpg
    Hard Rock Remy
    Knotted Celestial Headscarf, $4, forever21.com
  • 19sarahdessen.jpg
    Hard Rock Remy
    Floral Lace-Up Booties, $33, forever21.com
  • 20MoonandMore.jpg

    Emaline is Collegiate Cool

    From: The Moon and More

    Theo, the new guy in town, thinks Emaline’s too smart for her current BF, Luke. And Emaline’s dad is trying to lead her on the path to an Ivy League. Emaline’s a braniac, and we think she’d totally work the collegiate-cool look.

  • 21sarahdessen.jpg
    Emaline is Collegiate Cool
    Notre Dame Fighting Irish Hoodie, $25, forever21.com
  • 22sarahdessen.jpg
    Emaline is Collegiate Cool
    Taylor 27’’ Crop Blue Powder, $40, delias.com
  • 23sarahdessen.jpg
    Emaline is Collegiate Cool
    Classic Plimsoll Sneaker (purple), $18, urbanoutfitters.com
  • 24sarahdessen.jpg
    Emaline is Collegiate Cool
    Cooperative Canvas Contrast Backpack (purple), $69, urbanoutfitters.com
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which character’s style do you share? Are you a Macy, Annabel, Remy, Auden or Emaline? Share in the comments below.
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