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Cherries jubilee! 9 delicious recipes to try right now


Summer is here, and you babes know what that means – the wait for our favorite fruit is finally over. Take advantage of these couple of months when cherries are blooming, and dig in to some awesome recipes. They’re endless! We’ve cherry-picked some of our faves that we think are must-tries this summer. 


Pulled pork tacos with cherry salsa

Top your pulled pork tacos with this easy-to-make cherry salsa. It’ll add a sweet and spicy twist to this familiar dish.




Pinned by @Foodiebride



Cherry lemonade

What screams summer more than a fresh glass of lemonade? Add some cherry syrup made from fresh cherries for added refreshment and taste… Ahh.




Pinned by @FultonMarketCSA



Whole grain waffles with cherry sauce

Treat yourself to a healthy and delish breakfast. Nothin’ hits the spot like homemade waffles. The fresh cherry sauce and whole grains will give you an added kick of nutrition.




Pinned by @cherribundi



Cherry cream cheese

Everyone loves bagels, but they can sometimes get boring when you put the same thing on them every time. Try mixing some cherries into your cream cheese. Not only is it super easy to make, but it’s also delish!




Pinned by @cherribundi



Cherry-berry smoothie

Smoothies are one of the simplest and healthiest treats to make in the summer. Try throwing in some fresh cherries!




Pinned by @MarySedivy



Cherry chocolate kiss cookies

These are an adorable treat to bring to any cookout. They’re as simple as making any cookie from scratch, just gotta add in a few cherries!




Pinned by @MarySedivy


Summer chicken salad with avocados and cherries

Chicken salad is a great summer dish! Bet ya never thought about adding cherries. Or avocados! Both ingredients will make this a meal to remember.




Pinned by @vickiah



Fresh ricotta, cherry and lemon zest crostini

This is a great summer snack. The tart taste of the cherries mixes perfectly with the ricotta cheese. If you’re a cherry lover or a cheese lover, this is a definite must-try.




Pinned by @KatieTakacs1



Cherry-lime ice pops

The sweetness of summer cherries mixed with a hint of lime make this the perfect treat to cool you off while you’re catchin’ some rays on a hot day.




Pinned by @FultonMarketCSA

BY KATIE TAKACS ON 6/27/2013 12:00:00 AM

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