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Summer love advice from our fave flicks

Who doesn’t love a summer-themed romcom? Whether it’s filmed on the beach or centered around a June wedding, we can’t get enough of these love stories. No matter the setting or season, there’s always a bit of advice hidden in the script. If you’re thinking about starting a summer fling or making a committed relationship work long distance this vacay, you’ll want to take this advice from our fave romantic flicks. Check out our do’s and don’ts below.
  • 1LastSong.jpg
    The Last Song

    Do…give a second chance

    Ronnie’s constantly running off and slamming doors when Will makes a mistake. We can finally breathe again when she meets him on this beach and learns to be a little less quick to judge.

  • 2_27Dresses.jpg
    27 Dresses

    Don’t…forget about you

    Putting others first is important, especially when it comes to planning your sister’s wedding (or any of your friends’ celebrations for that matter). But learn from Jane’s mistakes when it comes to ignoring your own feelings. Don’t stand on the sidelines.

  • 3CountryStrong.jpg
    Country Strong

    Do…show it, don’t just say it

    Love is something you show, not something you just say. Beau and Chiles aren’t sure what they’re looking for when it comes to a relationship, but feelings only get hurt because they forget to remind one another how much they care. And Kelly and James try to learn that spending time and listening to one another is more important than the show biz.

  • 4BlueCrush.jpg
    Blue Crush
    Don’t…totally ignore your friends
    Sometimes our besties have a little too much to say when it comes to our personal relationships (like Eden’s dislike of Anne Marie’s guy). It’s important to give your girlies time to warm up to your new BF while not letting their input keep you from following your heart. Just remember: they prob know you better than your guy and are only trying to help.
  • 5Notebook.jpg
    The Notebook


    If you haven’t heard from your summer love in a year (or seven), don’t assume they’ve forgotten about you or moved on. Reach out to one another. It takes guts to be the one to make the first move. So give that cutie a call or get inspired by Noah and write a romantic old-fashioned letter. Swoon!

  • 6_500DaysSummer.jpg
    500 Days of Summer
    Do…define the relationship
    Sometimes it’s not meant to be, and you can’t force love. Feelings only get hurt when both people aren’t on the same page. Of course, Tom learns this the hard way. Define the relationship so boundaries are clear—is it a summer fling or something calling for major commitment?
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which movie’s advice are you totally taking into consideration this summer? Share in the comments below.
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