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10 music videos that make us heart the USA

Country music and rock ‘n’ roll are total American music must-haves. But this Fourth of July, we’re jamming out to all kinds of patriotic tunes as we get ready for BBQs and beach trips with fam and friends. We’ve collected 10 music videos from all over the country that capture true American spirit—including new numbers from Demi Lovato and Cimorelli. From soaking up the sun in the countryside to fighting for our nation abroad, these vids remind us why we totally heart the USA.
“Made in America” – Cimorelli
The Cimorelli sisters take over the kitchen, play dress up and throw an all- American barbeque with their best guy friends. Sparklers and an old-fashioned game of tug-of-war make the afternoon a blast. This vid is the perfect start to our Fourth of July festivities.



“All-American Girl” – Carrie Underwood
Carrie dresses up as all kinds of American dream possibilities, from football stars to doctors and pageant winners.


“Kids in America” – Kim Wilde
This ’80s video totally captures the spirit of American kids: young and free.


“Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” – Toby Keith
Freedom rings her bell in this patriotic video that reminds us what the land of the free is really all about.


“Made in the USA” – Demi Lovato
With “Just a little west coast and a bit of sunshine,” Demi’s new carnival-themed lyric vid makes us want to ride a Ferris wheel with our besties this July 4.



“Home” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Running free through the woods with a guitar in hand, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes sing about love from Alabama to Arkansas. For those working and serving abroad this holiday, they’re still at home in our hearts.


“American Honey” – Lady Antebellum
This sweet vid totally highlights the romantic American countryside as Lady Antebellum soaks up the sun.


“Party in the USA” – Miley Cyrus
Nothing celebrates America quite like this upbeat number by Miley—complete with an American flag backdrop.
"My Hero” – Foo Fighters
The Fourth of July is a great day to recognize all of our American heroes—including the ones in our very own neighborhoods.
“Home” – Dierks Bentley
This music vid inspires us to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July with those we love.
Which music vid makes you heart the USA on this very special day? Share in the comments below.


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BY CAROLINE CASSARD ON 7/4/2013 12:00:00 AM

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