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Rawr! 10 silly selfies to perfect this summer

Who here is spending wayyy too much time on Instagram this summer? Yep, we’re raising our hands, too! Here’s our snap-that list of typical selfie shots we see pretty much 24/7—and how you can copy the masters. Read on, rockstars!


#1 The jump shot

One. Two. Three. Jump! You’ll need an extra on hand—or a tripod and a timer—and possibly a couple different tries unless you are a jump shot jedi master. Figure out who is counting down and how you’re gonna leap (on three, after three, you know the drill), then go for it.


#2 The ugly face

There is a serious art to ugly face, ‘cause you don’t want to splash an ugly pic around Instagram, right? Practice making ridiculous faces at yourself in the mirror, and when you hit on one that walks the line between whoa there and LOL, snap it.


#3 Duckface

Here we go: Shove your lips out as far as they will go and snap the pic. Er, gorgeous?


#4 The model shot

For some top model inspo, flip through your favorite fashion mags and pick a seriously exaggerated shot that only a model could ever pull off without cracking up. Laugh at yourself in the mirror, slap on your best modelesque pout and work the runway, girl.


#5 The #OOTD shot

Hint: Try holding the camera at different angles to see what looks best for whatever it is you want to capture. If you’re showcasing your hair and don’t want to broadcast your face to the world, splay your hands across your features. Also perfect for mani + ring details.


#6 The I’m-at-the-beach-aren’t-you-jealous shot

Step one: Stretch out on your beach towel. Step two: Prop your upper body up on your elbows, bend your knees and/or cross your legs. Step three: Snap!


#7 The sleepy shot

Ever wondered what you look like passed out on the pillow? Well, probably not like the peaceful princess pic you want to post, but hey, that’s your call. Straighten your pillow, arrange your hair, gently close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. Zzz….


#8 The going-about-my-business shot

It’s the selfie that doesn’t look like a selfie: Stretch your arm as far away from your body as possible, cross your fingers and hope you get a halfway decent snap of you sipping a frappe, doodling in your notebook, rummaging through vintage jewelry or making the perfect ice cream sundae.


#9 The artsy shot

Sweep your hair into your face. Only snap half of your features. Look down, look sad, look blissfully into the distance. Art doesn’t have rules.


#10 The smooch shot

It doesn’t matter if you’re kissing your besties cheek or if ya dragged your BF in front of the camera. The only rule here is to pucker up.


Which selfie is your go-to? Tell us in the comments!



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