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Exactly what to wear to your summer parties



Summer weekends bring an endless number of fun, outdoor parties for you and your friends to attend. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to put together a new super cute outfit every Saturday to rock at the next bash. We know how tough it is to get creative week after week, so we’ve made a cheat sheet for what to wear to any and all of the get-togethers you’ll be hitting up this summer. 


  • 1summerparty.jpg

    Summer camp send-off

    You are your girls are getting ready to go your separate ways for a few weeks, and you want your last impression to be a great one. A flirty, sheer dress and wedges are perfect for all of the pictures you and your friends are bound to snap. Make sure you print out copies to hang on your bunk wall!


    Flounced High Low Dress, $18, forever21.com

    DV by Dolce Vita Tex Cork Platform Wedge Sandal, $90, urbanoutfitters.com

    Jeepers Peepers Vintage Tortoiseshell Oversized Sunglasses, $31, asos.com

    Stella and Dot Bardot Spiral Bangle, $49, stelladot.com

    Neon Floral Rope Handbag, $44, southmoonunder.com

  • 2summerparty.jpg

    Block party

    The annual neighborhood block party means lots of outdoor fun. A pair of shorts with a bold print and pop of color makes for a practical but still pretty outfit.


    Oriental Bead Shorts, $64, topshop.com

    Sheer Lace Yoke Tie Front Tee, $10, aeropostale.com

    Replay Cosmetic Soho Sunglasses, $28, swell.com

    Espadrille Sneakers, $28, forever21.com

    Frankie Headband, $17, swell.com

  • 3summerparty.jpg

    Birthday barbeque bash

    Toughen up a flirty and feminine cotton dress with a patterned baseball cap and studded jewelry. Pull the outfit together with color-blocked sandals. You’ll be celebrating in chic comfort!


    Tropical Print Baseball Cap, $11, forever21.com

    Drop Waist Ruffle Dress, $40, ae.com

    Pretty Pyramid Cuff, $8, wetseal.com

    Bamboo Gladiator Thong Sandals, $28, lulus.com

  • 4summerparty.jpg

    Pool party

    There’s no better way to show off your summer tan than with a fresh, white bathing suit. Find one with a neon design and choose a cover-up and sandals that bring out those colors. You’re sure to make a stylish splash at your next pool party.


    Xhilaration Junior’s 2-Piece Swimsuit Multi-color Print, $33, target.com

    London Rebel Delite Sandal, $40, delias.com

    Cheesecloth Bandeau Beach Playsuit, $27, asos.com

    Rylie Basic Metal Aviators, $25, solesociety.com

    Stussy Braided Chain Bracelet, $22, swell.com

  • 5summerparty.jpg

    Family reunion

    When it comes to reunions, it’s important to dress to impress. Show your family how stylish you have become in a chic maxi dress. Pair it with turquoise accessories to make the look more casual and summer-y.


    Kimichi Blue Quarter-Strap Sandal, $29, urbanoutfitters.com

    Alejandra Necklace, $52, swell.com

    Strappy Cami Maxi Dress, $36, topshop.com

    Bamboo Buckle Watersnake Skinny Belt, $48, cwonder.com

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