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Sporty summer looks inspired from classic flicks



Sports movies are awesome. They’re inspirational, entertaining and make us want to get up and move. While sports flicks are more about jerseys and leotards than dresses and handbags, we still can’t overlook the great costume designs in each film. 


Which is why we’ve put together sporty-chic looks inspired by some of our favorite movies pertaining to ice-skating, surfing, soccer and more. Whether you play the sport, love the film or just like to shop, these looks are bound to be home run-worthy this summer.


  • 1IcePrincess.jpg

    Ice Princess

    A look to keep you cool during the sizzling summer days. White ballet flats replace skates, and a performance-ready sequined mesh dress steals the show. This look demands attention—on and off the ice.


    Mesh Sequin Skater Dress (purple), $50, delias.com

    Carrie Skimmer Flats (white), $10, delias.com

  • 2BlueCrush.jpg

    Blue Crush

    Floral bikini tops never go out of style. With an easy, breezy maxi skirt, you’ll be able to make your beach look appropriate for hitting the town, just like Anne Marie.


    Triangle Tropical Flower Bikini, $14, forever21.com

    Lucy Love Emerald Green Maxi Skirt, $55, lulus.com

  • 3BendItLikeBekham.jpg

    Bend it Like Beckham

    With a Bollywood-worthy skirt and an unexpected jersey-like top, this look totally reads sporty-glam. With a cute duffle bag, you’ll be kickin’ it at soccer practice and when you’re out with your besties.


    Alternative X UO Colorblock Henley Raglan Tee, $28, urbanoutfitter.com

    LULUS Exclusive Right Pleats, Right Time Red Maxi Skirt, $49, lulus.com

    American Apparel Denim Duffle Bag, $33, asos.com

  • 4KarateKid.jpg

    The Karate Kid

    In clean summer white, you’ll be ready to tackle the day like a karate master. Who needs to earn a black belt when you can snag an edgy studded one like this?


    Asos Towelling Beach Romper, $31, asos.com

    Studded Front Waist Belt, $20, ardenb.com

  • 5StickIt.jpg

    Stick it

    A basic leotard-like bodysuit is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. Pair with a funky pair of shorts with a geometric print (that totally reflects Haley’s rebelliousness). This look is a total ten.


    Mesh Sleeve Dance Bodysuit, $14, forever21.com

    Geoprint Dolphin Shorts, $15, forever21.com

  • 5LeagueoftheirOwn.jpg

    A League of Their Own

    Before women’s softball and baseball were mainstream, baseball dresses were the uniform. We’ve matched the off-white shade of the film’s outfits, and added an awesome red belt. All you’ll need are cleats and knee-highs after this.


    Harbor Lights Dress, $53, modcloth.com

    Woven Waist Belt, $5, forever21.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which sporty-chic look is your fave? And which movie are you ready to watch tonight? Share in the comments below.



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