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How to make unbelievably boring summer work sorta-kinda fun

Sometimes, summer homework assignments are acceptable. You know, occasionally there’s a book for Language Arts that you surprisingly enjoy. Or you find those math problems so easy, you’re totally impressed by your own genius. More often though, it’s such a drag, we put it off ‘til the very last day. And then—ugh! Talk about a nightmare. Here’s how to add a dose of fun to your yawn-worthy sentence of summer school boredom.


Break it up into small bits—and don’t forget the rewards

Get into the habit of reading a chapter of Tom Sawyer each day before you go to the pool in the afternoon, or knock out a math problem before dessert every evening after dinner. You’ll be done before you know it, and once the work becomes a habit, it’ll feel less like a chore and more like something you just, well, do.


Set a timer

Here’s the deal: For 30 minutes every other day, you’ve gotta buckle down. But after that timer goes off? Anything is fair game! You’ll be impressed by how much you can get done when you cut out all other distractions, so go on, turn of the phone and X out of your chat windows. Come on, now!


Get creative

If you have to do a presentation the first week on a scientist of your choice, why not go crazy with it? DIY an insanely realistic costume, recreate an experiment you can conduct in front of the class, write a lyric video to explain a key theorem and post it on YouTube—hey, it’s summer! You can do anything.


Have a laugh

From School House Rock to other people’s silly class assignments that’ve been posted on YouTube, there is a world of humor just a mouse click away. Do a little googling to supplement your assignment with a little comedy. Like this Tom Sawyer crack. Heh.


Buddy up—but only if you’re allowed

And that means checking with teach first. Sometimes it really doesn’t pay to do first, then ask for forgiveness later—especially if you’ll land yourself in detention the first day back.



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 7/11/2013 1:37:00 PM


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