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The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week



Wondering what’s going down in Celebrity land this week? Well don't worry, like always, GL’s got you covered. Read on for the star-stuffed scoop.


Bieber’s at it again

What on earth is going on with him? So we all know that JB has been “acting out” for a while now. Well this week, a video surfaced of Justin peeing in a mop bucket as he left a NYC club. Gross. We can’t tell if it’s Justin’s posse who is getting him into all of this trouble, or if it’s the singer’s doing. Thoughts?


Happy Birthday, Jaden Smith!

Will Smith’s kiddo turned 15 on Monday and “bestie” Kylie Jenner wrote him the cutest birthday message on her blog. She said, “You understand me like not many do & you always know the right time to make me laugh. And no, you haven’t failed once to catch me when I attempt to walk or open the door on my every entrance...” Jaden and Kylie are rumored to be more than “just friends.” Don't ya remember a few weeks ago when they were spotted holding hands? They’ve claimed themselves their relationship is strictly best buds, but we’re not so sure.


There’s gonna be an extra bonus Jonas

Middle bro Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle announced this week that they are expecting their first baby. Woohoo! We’re so happy for them and the soon-to-be papa even expressed his own joy, saying, “It’s been the most exciting thing in my life so far.” Congrats!


Rebecca Black is back…again

The famous “Friday” viral star took to the mic again this week, this time covering Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” with fellow singer Jon D. The verdict? It’s actually pretty good. Check it out below…



The Paps send a message to KStew

Kristen Stewart was seen exiting a Hollywood studio this week where the never quite nice paparazzi were waiting for her. But, unlike the norm, they wrote a really awkward message onto her kinda dusty truck. The message? "I <3 Rob". Ouch, that's harsh considering it's only been 2 months since Rob and Kristen officially became dunzo. Apparently she had some not nice words to say to them after they kept taunting her. Hey, we can’t really blame the girl.


Zendaya’s ‘Replay’ Teaser is Here

Z finally released a teaser for her new single, “Replay” and we’re already obsessed with it. The new song hits airwaves today so be sure to check it out.


What celeb moment made you go "OMG" this week? Share in the comments below.



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