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5 book mean girls we secretly love

Every story has its mean girl. You know, that rude, spoiled girl who everyone loves to hate. Well we don’t actually hate all of them. We can’t help but admit we secretly love these feisty fictional femmes. Take a look and see if you agree.


  • 1TheClique.jpg

    The Clique’s Massie Block

    She’s envied by all her friends, leader of the “Pretty Committee,” and has a way of always getting what she wants. We admit we’re a smidge jealous.


    Grab the book here!

  • 2Emma.jpg

    Emma’s Emma

    Ever seen the movie Clueless? Well, if you didn’t already know, it’s based off the Jane Austen novel, Emma. Emma is a snobby, rich girl who’s used to getting her way. But by the end of the book, you’ll learn to love her. Even though she comes off as snobbish, you get to see another side of her, proving she’s not just your typical mean girl. 


    Grab the book here!

  • 3BeforeIFall.jpg

    Before I Fall’s Samantha Kingston

    This mean girl is in a tragic accident and forced to relive her final day over and over again until she gets it right. While at first she didn’t realize how much her actions influenced the people around her, she soon learns that being a mean girl just isn’t OK. We love Samantha because, even though she was probably one of the biggest bullies out there, she learned how to fix her mistakes.


    Grab the book here!

  • 4PrincesssDiaries.jpg

    The Princess Diaries’ Lana Weinberger

    This popular cheerleader is the girl always at the center of attention—until her not-so-perfect classmate Mia finds out she’s a princess and takes all eyes away from her. Lana’s the perfect girl, and she can’t just let someone steal her spotlight, right?


    Grab the book here!

  • 5PrideandPrejudice.jpg

    Pride and Prejudice’s Caroline Bingley

    She’s selfish and not afraid to intervene to get her way. Sure, Caroline might be one of the most self-centered girls ever, but she doesn’t back down.


    Grab the book here! 

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which book meanie do you secretly love? Share in the comments below.



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BY ALLIE FICK ON 7/20/2013 12:00:00 AM

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