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The biggest OMG celeb moments of the week

Wondering what cool things some of our fave celebs said and did this week? GL’s got it all covered. From awards shows to new flicks, we’ve got all the ups and downs of the week. Read on to find out.  

We LOVE awards shows

Who doesn't heart seeing their fave stars glamed up? The MTV Video Music Awards noms were announced on Wednesday and all of our faves made the cut—including TSwift, Demi Lovato, Miley, Selena, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. The final wave of noms for the Teen Choice Awards also came in and it includes 1D, Lucy Hale, Ariana Grande and Emma Watson. Make sure to vote (and watch Aug. 11 on FOX). We can't wait to see which of these stars will win big.


RIP Cory

Sad, sad news rocked Hollywood this week when reports came forward that Glee’s Cory Monteith passed away in his Vancouver hotel room. Cory had been vocal in the past about his struggle with addiction and one thing’s for sure: despite his dark demons, he was definitely loved by all who knew him. Our thoughts go out to his entire fam and fan base. CLICK HERE to help us celebrate the joy Cory brought us throughout the years.


Selena’s breakup with Justin totes stressed her out....

Well duh. Selena’s been dishing on her new Stars Dance album (check out this awesome preview here), the dark side of fame, and her on again off again relationship with you-know-who this week. Talking to Ryan Seacrest she said, “I’m sure you can see those pictures of me being way stressed out about it...you can't help the people you fall in love with. It's just hard.” Watch Sel’s special with Ryan to find out more when it airs this Sunday night at 10 p.m. on E!


Emma Roberts Gets Arrested?!

Reports surfaced that Emma Roberts briefly got arrested after a fight with BF Evan Peters. She was cited for domestic violence after allegedly punching him. Uh, not good. We don't know about you, but this just doesn't seem like the Emma we know. We just hope that everything gets sorted out. And remember, girls, love shouldn’t have to hurt.


1D’s song leaks

Is “Best Song Ever” really the best song ever? Well we’ll let you be the judge. The gang’s new song was supposed to hit iTunes this coming Monday, but it apparently leaked early. Check it out and tell us if you love it.


RIP Talia Castellano

This is heartbreaking. The YouTube beauty guru-turned-CoverGirl after appearing many times on the Ellen Degeneres show lost her battle with cancer this week. She was beautiful inside and out and is most definitely an angel now. Our thoughts go out to her fam and friends. Hopefully they find peace that she is in a better place and not in pain anymore. CLICK HERE for sweet ways to support sick kids you know right now.  


The Mortal Instruments is having a mall tour

Remember when the first Twilight and Hunger Games movies took their cast on a tour of malls around the US? Well, it looks like The Mortal Instruments is following in their footsteps. It was announced this week that Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell-Bower (also Lily’s BF) and other castmates will be popping up in a mall near you to promote the flick. You can ask the cast Qs and get autographs from the stars. We’re so pumped!


Which celeb moment made you go “OMG” this week? Share in the comments below.



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