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Clocked too much time in the sun? Our favorite sunburn remedies that work

Being out in the summer sun can be harsh. And even though you’re constantly lathering on the SPF, it’s sometimes not enough to protect yourself from those powerful rays. What could ruin your vacation more than a sunburn that leaves you bed ridden and unable to move comfortably. We’ve got some sunburn secrets to help relieve the pain and ease the swelling to get you back to enjoying your vacay as soon as ya can. Check ‘em out!



This sunburn remedy is super easy – all you need is milk and water! Make cold compresses with equal parts milk, ice and water. Hold the cloth on your burn for five minutes and repeat as many times as necessary. The mixture of fat and protein, and the pH of milk will have a calming effect on the burned area. 



As soon as you notice that your skin is burned, ask mom and dad for Aspirin. It will help to keep the swelling down as it suppresses the chemicals in the skin that cause inflammation. Not to mention, it will ease the redness and pain – the two most terrible parts of being sunburned.


Shower with cool water

Jump in the shower and make sure you keep it on cool. It will help soothe your burn, as it constricts your blood vessels to reduce swelling. It’s also good to rinse off chlorine and salt from your day at the pool or the beach, to help your skin from becoming more dry and irritated. 


Refrigerate your aloe

It’s not a secret that aloe gel is an awesome sunburn remedy, but have you ever tried refrigerating it? Thanks to this powerful botanical, your skin will feel instant relief from the anti-flammatory properties. The cold temperature will feel even better and help reduce the swelling quicker.



This is one of the most classic remedies to cure sunburn. The oat extract has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve the terrible pain of sunburn. Try throwing it in the fridge for a few minutes to cool it down, and then apply it to the burned area. Your skin will be feeling better in no time.



Some studies have shown that putting tomato paste on your skin can help take away the burning sensation from sunburn. This is because tomatoes are rich in the chemical lycopene, which helps reduce the response from ultraviolet radiation. So rub on those tomatoes and feel the relief. Ahh…



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