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What to post online...and what to keep quiet

There are so many ways to share yourself online: how you feel, what you look like, and even where you are! When it seems like even the private is getting posted, how do you decide which things to keep out of the chaos? Read on for what we think you should--and shouldn’t--let out.


Your opinion

Post it! The web is all about sharing info, and your P.O.V. on the latest political scandal or change in school dress code can start up some really interesting convos. As long as the comments stay civil, speak your mind and stay open to your pal’s views.


Your address

Never! Stuff like your address, phone number and e-mail should always stay private. You may think it’s a must for your online friends to reach you, but your real pals already know your info, and putting it out there can be super dangerous.


Your every move

Sometimes! “Checking in” online is a fun way to share what you’re up to, but updating your exact spot at every moment can get a bit annoying. Even worse, it can be just as unsafe as putting up your address.


Hateful comments

Never! No matter what, hateful comments are never okay. There’s a fine line between expressing yourself and hurting someone’s feelings, so if you’re not sure, just keep it to yourself. You’ll cause tons of negative drama and wind up turning yourself into an online bully.


Party pics

Sometimes! Snaps of you cheesing with your crew are fun to share, but getting into trouble for an inappropriate pic can do a lot of damage. Make sure that every pic you post shows you as a responsible, mature gal. Your page isn’t as private as you think!


Your relationship status

Definitely! As long as you’re both okay with it, your page is a great place to boast about your BF. Show off how awesome you two are together with an updated relationship status and tons of shots of the happy couple!


What's one thing other people post online that really bugs you, babes?


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