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Sleepover tips from the best girls night flicks



Sure, a girls’ movie night is always a necessary treat. But we’ve taken our fave sleepover flicks for a spin to give you a list of tips and tricks for further BFF-sesh planning. Whether you and your gal-pals wanna get crafty, sporty or all glammed-up, these never-fail options are bound to make your next girls’ night in even more fun than you bargained for. Quick, text those besties because your summer weekend plans are just getting started.


  • 1SleepoverDVD.jpg


    Scavenge Around

    A scavenger hunt beats your typical night in with the girls. Just make sure you either have a) permission or b) a reliable brother to cover for you!

  • 2MeanGirls.jpg

    Mean Girls

    Get Scrappy

    Spin Regina’s Burn Book for a sweeter take: snap fun Polaroid’s of your besties all glammed up while dancing to your fave tunes. Cut, paste and add glitter to create mini scrapbooks of your night so each girl can take one home.

  • 3EasyA.jpg

    Easy A

    Fact or Fiction

    Olive gets herself in trouble when she lies for her classmates and creates a bad-girl persona. Play “Two Truths and a Lie.” The rules? Tell your friends three “facts”—one of them being totally false, and make them guess which one it is.

  • 4PrincessDiaries.jpg

    The Princess Diaries


    Everyone remembers Mia’s major makeover scene. Cut cucumbers, mix mud masks, pick polishes and turn up your fave relaxing tunes for an ultimate spa sleepover.

  • 5Footloose.jpg

    Footloose (2012)

    Learn a Line Dance

    Use YouTube to your advantage and practice the footwork from Footloose. At your school dance next year, you and your besties will be able to take the center of the floor and lead the crowd.

  • 6_27Dresses.jpg

    27 Dresses

    Run the Runway

    No girl’s too old to play dress up (just ask Jane!). Even if there’s no school dance or big night out plans, gather your girls and put on a fashion show in your bedroom. Everyone gets to play model, but switch around the roles of stylist, makeup artist and DJ. You’ll wanna clean your room this time for a workable runway.

  • 7She'sTheMan.jpg

    She’s the Man

    Friendly Competition

    Organize a sports night. If you don’t have a team-size group to play soccer, you can still pull out ping pong, air hockey or even Wii bowling. Turn it into a friendly competition with fun prizes—no guy disguise necessary.

  • 8MonteCarlo.jpg

    Monte Carlo

    Get Celeb-inspired

    Instead of taking on a ­full persona like Grace does with Cordelia’s heiress status (and without stealing a diamond necklace), create DIY pieces inspired by your fave celeb accessories. Break out the beads, paint, headbands and wire for a nearly one-of-a-kind craft night.

  • 9UptownGirls.jpg

    Uptown Girls

    Fine Dining

    Plan an English Tea, complete with scones, tiny sandwiches and a variety of tea flavors. Don’t forget the ladyfingers and cookie sampler! Get extra artsy with handwritten, embellished invitations. Either ask your mom to help you prep or (even better!) invite your besties to take over the kitchen and bake the goodies together.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


What’s your next sleepover plan? Share in the comments below.



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