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Emblem3: They've Got Nothing to Lose



After the trio’s appearance on the X Factor’s second season, the boys released their popular single “Chloe” where they sing lyrics like, “But you’re the one I want.” Well, these three are the ones we want! And now Selena Gomez is snatching them up and bringing the charming trio along on all North American dates of her Stars Dance Tour, starting this August. 


Watch the guys’ “Chloe” music vid below…



Not familiar with the Washington-bred boys? Their high-energy music brings a cool surfer vibe to our speakers. These cuties are loving the limelight of L.A., and with a new album sure to top charts, they have Nothing to Lose


Emblem3’s album opens with “Just For One Day,” which might be our new summer jam, and it wraps up with a fresh take on Matisyahu’s hit anthem, “One Day.” Nothing to Lose is an album we want to listen to every day. 


A few of our other fave tracks? “Spaghetti” reminds us that “Everything’s gonna be all right tonight.” This tune makes us want to kick back and relax with our besties. And we heart the boys who send us their love in “XOXO.”


Catch the cuties singing a love song to their fave city in “I Love LA.” But is the west coast really the best coast? We’ll let you decide as ya slow down the tunes with “3000 Miles.” No matter how many miles away Emblem3’s tour is from your city, you can have the dreamy trio sing you to sleep with this sweet ballad.


Title track “Nothing to Lose” is another must-have on our summer playlist. With a mix of hip-hop and rap, Wesley, Keaton and Drew are here to “Help you get over it.” You’ll be playing this song on repeat—especially if you’re moving past a recent breakup.


Be sure to check out Emblem3’s debut album when it releases this week. Seriously, you have nothing to lose. Then come back and share your thoughts.

CLICK HERE for more info on this hot new guy group. 


Who’s your favorite Emblem3 bandmate? Will you be seeing these guys live when they come to a city near you? Share in the comments below.



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