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July's Back-To-School week 5 winners!

Whoโ€™s gonna have the cutest clothes at school this year? Thatโ€™s right, you are, because GL is throwing its annual back-to-school style giveaway! Every day of July, GL girls will win awesome new clothes, accessories and makeup. Suh-weet!  


July 26 โ€“ Cherry skinny jeans from Oasis

Sofia L. โ€“ Miramar, FL

Karen S. โ€“ Polk City, IA


July 27 โ€“ Jawbreakingโ€™s I Donโ€™t Like Mondays tee

Autumn S.- Goshen, OH

Isobel S.- Norwood, NY

Allyson L.- Amherst Junction, WI


July 28 โ€“ BEARPAWโ€™s Knit Tall boots

Christine C.- San Jose, CA

Nikaela H.- Salida, CA

Peggy D.- Lincoln, NE

Briana H.- Cockeysville, MD

Diana T.- Houston, TX


July 29 โ€“ Distressed slouchy skinnies from Warehouse

Elizabeth K. โ€“ Lexington, MA

Sophia S. โ€“ Aliquippa, PA


July 30 โ€“ No Sweat hoodie in pink from Soffe

Brooke T. โ€“ Bothell, WA

Shannon S. โ€“ Portage, MI

Kayla J. โ€“ Round Rock, TX

Sammi S. โ€“ Tucson, AZ

Marisol G. โ€“ Carson, CA


July 31 โ€“ 15 FIFTEEN denim grand prize

Elizabeth O. โ€“ Clifton, NJ


August 1 โ€“ Pink Square utility tote from First World Trash

Vanessa W. โ€“ Moon Township, PA

Ashly V. โ€“ South Jordan, UT

Alyssa G. โ€“ Wichita, KS

Jalina S. โ€“ Lithonia, GA

Anna M. โ€“ Cumberland City, TN

Madison L. โ€“ New Carlisle, OH

Ashley O. โ€“ Syracuse, NY

Nicole C. โ€“ Midlothian, VA

Brandi K. โ€“ Wishek, ND

Zoey J. โ€“ Klamath Falls, OR



** PLEASE NOTE: ONLY DAILY GIVEAWAY WINNERS ARE POSTED. If you won one of our special contests, you will automatically receive your goodies in themail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your prize to be delivered. If you have not received your prize after 6 weeks, please e-mail brittany@girlslife.com. Girls' Life is not responsible for any prizes 12 weeks after the date you have won.

** Please be patient! We post winners every Friday afternoon and they should be up before 6 p.m.   

BY GL ON 8/2/2013 4:55:00 PM


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