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We're obsessing over these young, rising Hollywood fashionistas

Who are young Hollywood’s next big rising fashionistas? In a fashion and celebrity world that’s constantly changing, these girls have proven to have impressive taste and true star style. We’re telling ya, you’re gonna want all of their looks—from when they’re hanging with BFFs to their amazing red carpet gowns. They may be new on the Hollywood scene, but their style is here to stay. Check out these gals and why we’re totally turning to them for fashion inspiration. 
  • 1KiernanShipka.jpg

    Kiernan Shipka

    What we know her from: The Legend of Korra, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

    What she’ll star in next: Very Good Girls (with Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen)

    Why we heart her style: Kiernan’s looks are always so bright and fun. From red carpet dresses to chic pants, we're pretty sure she's worn every designer under the sun. Kiernan doesn't follow trends, she starts them. A fashion force to be reckoned with if you ask us. 

  • 2KiernanShipka.jpg

    Kiernan Shipka

  • 3KiernanShipka.jpg

    Kiernan Shipka

  • 4HaileeSteinfeld.jpg

    Hailee Steinfeld

    What we know her from: True Grit (she was even nominated for an Oscar!)

    What she’ll star in next: Romeo & Juliet, Enders Game

    Why we heart her style: Hailee’s only 16 but she always manages to look mature while staying true to her outgoing, girly self. She's even been the face high fashion label Miu Miu! We know she has good style because she makes us want to buy everything she wears. We bet this chick could even make a paper bag look chic with just a touch of fun accessories. 

  • 5HaileeSteinfeld.jpg

    Hailee Steinfeld

  • 6HaileeSteinfeld.jpg

    Hailee Steinfeld

  • 7ElleFanning.jpg

    Elle Fanning

    What we know her from: Super 8, We Bought A Zoo

    What she’ll star in next: Maleficent 

    Why we heart her style: Elle’s whimsical and daring look is so sophisticated, but every once in while she’ll wear a dress that reminds us how youthful she actually is. Elle loves to wear her fashion heart on her sleeve while twirling down the red carpet (she is a dancer, after all!). And with an older sis like Dakota Fanning, she must get some awesome hand-me-downs! 

  • 8ElleFanning.jpg

    Elle Fanning

  • 9ElleFanning.jpg

    Elle Fanning

  • 10ChloeGraceMoretz.jpg

    Chloe Grace Moretz

    What we know her from: Hugo, Kick-Ass, Dark Shadows

    What she’ll star in next: Carrie

    Why we heart her style: Chloe is the ultimate trendsetter and risk-taker among this group of gals. Her style is bold and colorful and we love how confident ‘n’ cool she looks with every outfit. Chloe’s dream must-have? Her very own Chanel Bag. Sigh. 

  • 11ChloeGraceMoretz.jpg

    Chloe Grace Moretz

  • 12MackenzieFoy.jpg

    Mackenzie Foy 

    What we know her from: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 

    What she’ll star in next: Wish You Well 

    Why we heart her style: Mackenzie's girly-yet-cool look is totally adorable. She’s also a model, having done ads for lines like Ralph Lauren, Guess and Gap, so we can tell fashion is something she takes seriously. 

  • 13MackenzieFoy.jpg

    Mackenzie Foy

  • 14MackenzieFoy.jpg

    Mackenzie Foy

  • 15WillowShields.jpg

    Willow Shields

    What we know her from: The Hunger Games

    What she’ll star in next: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Why we heart her style: Our past cover girl’s style is one to watch! Willow def tries outfits that are a bit adventurous. We mean, did you see the dress she wore to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere?! Whether she's wearing a cute dress or top and skirt combo, her down-to-earth look is presh and one we can totally pull off. 

  • 16WillowShields.jpg

    Willow Shields

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

Which girl’s style do you heart the most? Share in the comments below.


BY DEVEN FELDSTEIN ON 8/6/2013 12:00:00 AM

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