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7 simple ways to get closer with your 'rents

Teenage times can sometimes mean distance from mom and dad. Whether you’re thankful for the space or missing those special moments, it’s important to keep the fam close. So check out our list of the best ways to KIT—it’s way easier than ya think!


Send them a text

Texting your besties makes you feel connected no matter how far you are, so why not try the same trick with the ‘rents? Next time you’re in the mood to message, send one to mom, dad, or make a group chat for a combo convo! Even a “hey, what’s up?” will work, and you’ll be surprised how fun the chat seshes are.


Lend a hand

Helping out around the house may not be your fave activity, but offering to clear the table or fold the laundry will go a long way with mom and dad. It’s a simple way to look appreciative and super mature.


Fill them in

Mom’s Qs about your latest crush can be nosy and totally annoying, but your parents just want to know the latest on your life. Instead of pushing them away, let mom and dad in on a few highlights. Deets as simple as your newest test grade or your fave new outfit let them feel included.


Ask for advice

Whether you’re bickering with your bestie or handling a heartbreak, feeling alone can hurt. Keeping your feelings inside is the worst way to cope, so turn to mom or dad. They’ll love that you’re sharing your stress with them, and they’ve probably battled similar drama before.


Admit your mistakes

Especially after a fight with the ‘rents, it can be a challenge to own up to your slip-ups. But admitting you’re wrong lets your parents know you’re all on the same page. Plus, it lets you skip the stress of arguing. The more peaceful it is between you guys, the better your relationship will be and the closer you’ll feel as a fam.


Take the time

Set up a special time for bonding. No matter how short, put aside a slot for a stroll in the park, a lunch date or just a conversation. 


Have a heart-to-heart

The best way to show someone you care is to tell them! Next time you’re feeling the love, let the ‘rents know. Don’t be afraid to bring on the mushy stuff, as long as it’s from the heart- they’ll find it totally adorable.



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