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The secret to a better breakfast? Make it one you actually want to eat. Here's how

There's something about eating right after you wake up that's just so meh sometimes. The funny thing about it is, though, that once you get in the happen of having a quick bite before ya board the bus, you start craving breakfast instead of despising it. But how to get to that gotta-eat-it point? Easy. Make your first meal of the day something you really like so that you look forward to eating it instead of feeling like it's just another thing you should do in the a.m. Let's put the healthy stuff aside for a minute and just talke food in general ('cause a recent study says that it's more important that you eat breakfast, period, than making the choice of no food rather than healthy food).


Question: What's the food you can't help but scarf down?

After all, what better place to start than with your favorites...



Yep, we so get the allure of straight-from-the-fridge leftovers, especially if they're covered with gooey cheese. To pull this one off, try making your own pizza the night before. You can get a ball of dough from the refrigerated section of your grocery, or from a local pizza parlor. Top it with Mom's homemade marinara, pesto or white sauce--anything goes--and then pile on the toppings you like most. Veggies are a great way to start the day, but getting in some protein in the form of chicken sausage or even leftover grilled checken from another dinner is super easy. Cut small slices in the morning and build yourself up to a hearty serving.



Let us guess: Your favorite part of Thanksgiving is the morning after, right? For this one, get yourself going with a good fruit pie that you already like. Then, once you're focused on eating in the a.m., try taking out some of the not-so-great stuff, or swapping buttery crust for toast or whole wheat waffles topped with macerated fruit.  



There are lots of ways to satisfy your sweeth tooth in the morning without making Mom raise an eyebrow. Try swiping whole grain toast or an English muffin with Nutella, adding chocolate chips to your waffle or tossing some chocolate chips into a container of vanilla yogurt. The hungrier you get, the more good stuff you can add to your chocoholic's feast, like fresh fruit or an egg or two. 


Potato chips 

Need a salt fix 24/7? We got ya! Try tempting your tastebuds by pairing a teeny sandwich (mini PB&J? tiny club? baby apple and peanut butter?) with just a few of your favorite crunchies. Or, grab a snack pack of pretzels and a jar of peanut butter to get the same effect with a whopping dose of protein, to boot. 


Easy options that go where you do: Whole milk cheese sticks, unsalted mixed nuts, frozen fruit (think: bananas or grapes), a mini wrap or pita pocket with lunch meats, cheeses and/or veggies, smoothies made with Greek yogurt



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