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TV geeks we're currently crushing on

While you’re lounging on the beach or reading in the shade, you’re probably dreaming about the crush you can’t wait to see when school resumes in a few short weeks. But don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for those cuties who slip under the radar: the geeks. 


Sure, you can find them in the library or behind their computer screen, but there’s something about nerdy guys we just adore. Could you imagine having a cutie like one of these TV geeks in your classes this fall? Sigh.


  • 1WendallVinnie.jpg

    Wendell Bassett – Wendell & Vinnie

    Sometimes Vinnie acts like the kid, and Wendell the adult. Although he loves scrapbooking and magic tricks, this 12-year-old couldn’t be more loveable. We love his adorable nerd style and his extra supply of confidence.

  • 2Jessie.jpg

    Ravi Ross – Jessie

    Ravi seems like the ultimate video game nerd. Remember when he got the Mystical Eye ball app and thought he could predict the future? This cutie tries his best to fit in, but we like him just they way he is: quirky and entertaining.

  • 3PhineasFerb.jpg

    Phineas and Ferb – Phineas and Ferb

    These creative geeks always have something to do. Whether they’re building a roller coaster or inventing “Swinter,” the Phineas and Ferb step-brother power duo provides endless fun.

  • 4ShakeItUp.jpg

    Flynn Jones – Shake it Up

    As a video game and robot-obsessed 11-year-old, Flynn is definitely a geek. Don’t let his cute factor fool you, though. Flynn can definitely us his wits to his advantage when it comes to manipulating his friends and fam.

  • 5iCarly.jpg

    Freddie Benson – iCarly

    Without his tech-kid skills, iCarly would never make it on the web. When Nevel intervenes, this cameraman even outsmarts the tech mastermind and saves the show during a break-in.

  • 6WizardsofWaverly.jpg

    Justin Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place

    Alex is always manipulating her straight-A, sci-fi-lovin’ brother. But this wizarding student is just trying to keep his sister out of trouble. We love how Justin doesn’t give in to Alex’s teasing. With his mature big-brother approach, we know he’s proud of his brainpower.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which geek are you totally crushing on right now? Which do you wish would join your school this year? Share in the comments below.



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BY CAROLINE CASSARD ON 8/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

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