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What guys heart about girls (other than looks)

It’s easy to think guys only care about superficial stuff. Blonde vs. brunette, short vs. tall, curvy vs. skinny. But it turns out, guys look past, well, looks for more substantial traits. Don't believe us? Read on to see what our real-life guy friends really want in a girl... 


“Personality in general, I guess!” –Wesley, 16


Decoded: No one likes a girl that is annoying, boring or fake. 


Your Move: Just be yourself! As long as you’re not trying to be someone you’re not, your real personality will shine through. 


“Definitely intellect and sense of humor...I think that a girl needs to be able to talk about issues beyond the superficial, topics that are interesting as opposed to the usual day to day banter. I also appreciate girls that can make me laugh—I appreciate attempts of wit!” –Willi, 17


Decoded: Don’t dumb yourself down for a guy. They’re looking for someone they can really talk to. And don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes, because guys appreciate a girl who can say more than “haha!”


Your Move: Talk to him! Be fun and make some flirty jokes, but also add some real convo in there. Bring up a topic that you’re interested in. He’ll see the passion light up in your eyes, and he’ll be intrigued. Heck, he might even have the same interests. Before you know it, you guys will be chatting your way to the first date. 


“I think that guys are pretty simple. We like girls who are generally happy and not overly emotional or too naggy/clingy. And girls who have a hobby or do a sport or something.” –Scott, 16


Decoded: Girls who try too hard, get overly attached or don’t a life outside their crush are a major turn off.


Your Move: You’re probably already involved with at least one thing, so kudos! And when flirting with a guy, never hang on or around him too much. Don’t overshare, either. Leave that to the late night gab-sesh with your girls. He’ll see that you are an outgoing person, and you’ll leave him wanting more. 

“I like being on the same level of understanding, personality and energy, because guys like girls that make them feel better and always keep them on their toes!” –Daniel, 17


Decoded: Guys are looking for someone they click with, plain and simple. Girls who can pick them up when they’re down, and who can be fun on the spur-of-the-moment.


Your Move: Don’t force it with a guy if you feel like you’re not on the same page. But if you feel like you and your guy are really clicking, you probably are. When it comes to hanging out together, don’t stick with the same-old. You’re not boring, so your dates shouldn’t be.



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BY ANDI CWIEKA ON 8/9/2013 12:00:00 AM

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