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Beauty Spy: Fresh faced and simple Michelle A.

Check out GL gal Scarlet_Moon from Donald, Oregon, who uses these great tools and products to put together her look. Find out how to stay fresh faced and fun while using natural toned makeup!


Three ways to describe my beauty style: Fresh-faced and simple, classic and glam, total beauty babe—love giving advice to my besties

I wear makeup… to school and when hanging out with friends, but not at home.

My best beauty tip: I like to keep my makeup fresh-faced and simple for the day. Highlighted cheeks and healthy looking skin, bright eyes and peachy lips. Although, I am a sucker for the classic "pin up" makeup look: red lips and winged eyeliner for the nighttime? Oh, yes.


Fave lip product: Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter in Haute Honeysuckle

Why I love it: This lip butter is absolutely amazing! It doesn’t dry out your lips whatsoever, and this particular color gives off a polished yet natural vibe. It’s a must-have!




Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter in Haute Honeysuckle, $7, target.com


Fave eye product: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette 

Why I love it: While this palette is on the pricier side, I think it’s worth the investment. You get six beautiful colors that are perfect for daytime and nighttime.




Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, $27, sephora.com


Fave mascara: NYX Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara in Black 

Why I love it: This mascara is a must have. I cannot even explain how amazing it is. It makes my lashes so long and voluminous, and holds the curl all day.




NYX Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara in Black, $9, nyxcosmetics.com


Fave face coverage product: Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer, 

Why I love it: This concealer gives very natural looking coverage, but it still covers up anything that needs to be covered up.




Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer, $4, ulta.com


Fave face color product: e.l.f. Shimmer Palette in Sheer/Sunrise 

Why I love it: This is the best highlighting product I have ever tried. You have four colors to choose from, and whatever your highlighting needs are, this palette can do it. Plus, it’s a steal!




e.l.f. Shimmer Palette in Sheer/Sunrise, $3, eyeslipsface.com


Fave skincare product: Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser 

Why I love it: My skin is extremely sensitive and acne prone, and many face washes that I have tried have irritated and dried out my skin. Well, not this one! This cleanser left my skin feeling soft, refreshed and smooth, as soon as I started using it.




Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser, $10, walgreens.com

Fave tool: e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush

Why I love it: I use this brush to blend out my concealer for a flawless finish. It applies makeup smoothly and is easy to use.




e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush, $3, eyeslipsface.com


Wanna be a Beauty Spy? It’s easy! 

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Step 2: Send in a photo of your gorge self to lovemylook@girlslife.com. Be sure to include ‘Beauty Spy’ in the subject line of your email and send us your name, too!

Step 3: Check back every week on girlslife.com to see if you’ve been picked for the latest Beauty Spy!



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BY HANNAH MESHULAM ON 8/21/2013 12:00:00 PM

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