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School style basics from our fave fashionable YA characters

We love reading YA books, and we can’t get enough of the characters’ unique personalities. So for some back-to-school style inspiration, we turned to our favorite middle and high school girls among the pages of top novels. No matter your taste, you can totally transform these characters from fiction to fashion.



  • 1GallagherGirls.jpg

    Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter

    Polished Prep

    Preppy, put-together and for a reasonable price, the prep school style isn’t hard to obtain. Whether you have a uniform or not, this is a cute look for any day of the week. Paired with a blazer to keep you warm, these sweet shorts will transition into fall, no problem. A tie neck top adds the feminine touch that the Gallagher Girls need among all that plaid.


    Cut Out Tie Neck Tip, $18, forever21.com

    Essential Linen-blend Blazer, $30, forever21.com

    Lost Pinky Peach High Waisted Shorts, $41, lulus.com

  • 2WalkToRemember.jpg

    A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

    Jamie’s Classroom Cardi

    Take floral prints into fall with a cardigan (Jamie’s closet staple). We can’t get rid of this summery daytime look just yet—it’s perfect for back to school.


    Floral Belted Dress, $45, delias.com

    Dress Cardi, $10, delias.com

    Deena and Ozzy Nylon Mini-backpack, $10, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 3BridgetoTerabithia.jpg

    Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

    Leslie’s Creative Colors

    Leslie experiments with color in her earthy, fun and imaginative style. On Monday mornings when it’s tough to get out of bed, these pink lounge pants are the perfect compromise. Dressed like the Queen of Terabithia, you’ll have a creative day ahead while running to school.


    BDG Graphic Crew Neck Tee, $18, urbanoutfitters.com

    Studded Utility Vest, $38, forever21.com

    Fleece Lounge Pants, $18, forever21.com

  • 4nickandnorahs.jpg

    Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn

    Norah’s NYC Set

    Norah’s NYC concert look is far easier to obtain than her concert adventure (not your typical school night). This jacket, tank and striped pants combo is edgy without trying too hard. And it’s totally appropriate for class. We like how the jacket’s denim dresses down the added shimmer from the pants. Bravo!


    Burn Out Muscle Tee, $11, forever21.com

    Faux Leather Sleeve Moto Jacket, $33, forever21.com

    Tripp NYC Wide Stripe Black Over Black Striped Skinny Jeans, $83, lulus.com

  • 5PrincessDiaries.jpg

    The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

    Mia’s Royal Reality

    Mia does her best to adapt to her new life as the Princess of Genovia. But after all, she’s still in high school! This girl would add her own flare to a princess gown with some funky shoes. Here’s a gorgeous option that’s toned down for the desk. And you can’t forget her favorite sparkle nail polish.


    Floral Lace Fit and Flare Dress, $40, delias.com

    Amber Boot (black glitter), $40, delias.com

    Nails Inc. Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish, $10, sephora.com 

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg



Which character’s classroom look is your fave? And which books are you snagging at the library this year? Share in the comments below.





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