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Frequent freak-outs? Here's how to keep your cool

Your life is stuffed with stress-worthy stuff. Crushes, fam drama, and schoolwork have you constantly on the brink of a breakdown! But losing your cool instead of staying calm is def not the way to deal. Luckily, we’ve got some simple tips to get ya on your way to a freak-out-free you.


Stop the stress before it starts

A freak-out won’t do you any good, especially if it’s over something you can’t change. Before you break down, consider if the scenario is really worth the stress. Realize that getting upset will only make the situation worse.


Take a breathing break

Removing yourself from the center of the stress and taking big, deep breaths will help you calm down and leave you feeling more relaxed. Whether you walk away or just close your eyes, try your best to escape to a peaceful place in your mind. Try this quick trick to calm you down no matter where you are: slowly inhale for 3 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds, and finally, exhale for 3 seconds. You’ll feel refreshed instantly.


Shake it off, literally!

Physical activity is always a great thing, especially for turning down stress and boosting your mood. So the next time you feel a -out coming on, get moving! Even if it’s just a quick jog or a few jumping jacks, getting those feel-good chemicals flowing will help you keep your cool and prep to deal with the issue.  


One step at a time

Whether it’s a brawl with your bestie or a super hard math problem, separate the issue into pieces, then tackle them one by one. Focus on the small steps and, before you know it, you’ll have conquered the bigger picture without getting overwhelmed.


Smile away the stress

There’s ton’s of scientific evidence that a smile, even if you have to force it, makes you feel better. So no matter how much you feel like bursting into tears of screaming at the top of your lungs, do your best to smile, or even better, laugh! Find someone you love who knows how to cheer you up, and let the funny fight the freak-out.



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